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2016/2017 LaLiga - ORDEM 4


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Updated version of the beloved Nike Ordem, Nike's top-quality match ball.

LaLiga version, featuring the league logo.

A new wrapped bladder system ensures the smoothest and most consistent surface — delivering optimal touch and accurate flight. The geometric 12 panel fuse-welded construction employs a new 3D printed ink technique. Finally, the ball’s graphics follow the design principle of “Flow Motion,” applying a luminance that ensures excellent visibility while the ball is in play.

Withstands high-level play and maintains flight and shape retention with a fuse-welded synthetic leather casing.

12-panel design for accurate flight; flight further enhanced by the Nike Aerowtrac grooves that help stabilize.

40% synthetic leather/30% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton.


  • Official match ball of the LaLiga
  • Nike® Aerowtrac grooves and micro-textured casing design equalize air flow over the surface of the ball for great control and accurate ball flight
  • Restricted 12-wing carbon latex bladder for unbelievable responsiveness and superior touch and shape
  • Fuse-welded three-layer synthetic leather casing provides a great touch and maximum response
  • Compressed Polyethylene layer helps store energy which is then released at launch
  • Cross-linked Nitrogen-expanded foam layer for excellent shape retention
  • Polyester support fabric improves structure and stability
  • Perfect sphericity makes this ball fly faster, farther, and with more accuracy
  • Nike® RaDaR technology with depth-enhanced performance graphics helps in peripheral and central vision so you can react quickly
  • FIFA Quality Approved, the highest FIFA ranking
  • Official LaLiga logo
  • Manufacturer's two-year stitch and shape guarantee
  • Materials: 40% synthetic leather/30% rubber/20% polyester/10% cotton

Also official match ball for the EPL and Serie A

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