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Bruce Rigsby Soccer Ball Guy

Hello, my name is Bruce Rigsby and I developed Soccer Ball World. You will have to determine which picture above is actually me. As an avid soccer player, coach and engineer, I have  been interested in how the soccer ball is designed and constructed. In the past, I had always been frustrated when buying soccer balls. Figuring out all the soccer ball (football) marketing hype and determining the difference between types and qualities of soccer balls was very difficult. Finding detailed information on the soccer ball was also difficult. Brand Names and Manufacturers provided little information.  My players and their parents had the same problems.  So, after conducting extensive research to learn all about soccer balls, has been developed. This site has been designed to help clubs, players, coaches, team mangers and soccer ball buyers learn about the soccer ball.

No other site on the internet (as far as I can tell) gives as much detailed information about the soccer ball than Soccer Ball World. The detailed information on the soccer ball is provided in this easy to use web site.

Use Soccer Ball World as a buying guide for your next purchase of soccer balls. Look around this site to learn about soccer balls. 

Please send us any additional soccer ball information or pictures that you may have. This site is updated regularly.

Thanks, and please tell your friends, team mates, coaches, soccer clubs, parents or anybody about

Please contact us with your comments on any questions or needs. 


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Oldest Ball!

Oldest Ball

Charles Goodyear's 1855 first vulcanized rubber soccer ball.  


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