4 Soccer Drills with Cones for the Best on-Pitch Results

Who doesn’t love soccer? Well, to be a professional, you’ll need loads and loads of practice. Here, a soccer coach tends to incorporate a collaborative approach to ensure that players are in excellent form all the time. Therefore, the presence of the proper training equipment is crucial for effective soccer routines.

In most training sessions, the soccer cone is the most inexpensive and effective training equipment. In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at these soccer cones and some of the best drills you can partake in to boost performance across the board. Are you buzzing to know more? Keep those reading glasses on as this promises to be one intriguing read.


Cones in Soccer Practice Sessions

On most soccer training pitches, cones play an integral part. With numerous variables inherent in this sport, the cone accords players and coaches alike the luxury to map out a training plan. That said, soccer cones address the following factors:

1.  Reaction

Reaction, in simple terms, indicates the player’s ability to anticipate moves from the opposition quickly. When a player has an excellent reaction time, he/she gives the team they play for an advantage in the game.

2.  Anticipation

Anticipation is where a player tries to read or predict possible outcomes in any given scenario. It’s one crucial aspect of play, as harnessing keen cognitive awareness helps prepare for attacks and strategy by the opposing side.

3.  Recognition

Recognition is a constant activity that involves players engaging in a sweeping view of the pitch. Sound recognition is a must as players can detect free spaces, chances, and traps at every given point, regardless of whether they have the ball or not.

Overall, soccer cones and cone-based training sessions are vital in improving players’ cognitive responses, a fundamental factor in each of the performance metrics stated above. However, the coach has to effectively utilize these cones to simulate real-life scenarios, which streamlines the learning process.

Best Soccer Drills with Cones

We’ve taken out time to furnish you with some of the excellent soccer drills with cones. What’s more? The steps for setup and execution for each routine are also in the mix. They include: 

Attack-The-Cone Dribbling Drill

It’s a soccer training routine vital in improving reaction times and control amongst players. The drill is most suited for preliminary warm-ups leading to the main sessions, thanks to its swiftness.


  • Group the team in fours and distribute four soccer balls and five training cones to each group.
  • Arrange each cone in a square, 15 sq. yards wide. Put the fifth cone in the middle of the arrangement.
  • Position each player at each of the cones of the square.


  • All the positioned players dribble their balls towards the fifth cone in the middle of the area on the given cue.
  • At the cone in the middle, each of them makes his way back to the original cone and repeats the move—the pace increases at each cycle.
  • Alternatively, there could be two players positioned opposite from one another in the square. They dribble the balls towards the fifth cone but continue to the opposite cone from their starting point—the cycle repeats.

Straight-Cone Dribble Drill

The straight-cone dribble drill aims at improving close control on the pitch. Here, players get conditioned to keep all ball movements, including dribbles, close to the boot while maintaining excellent recognition of other players and available “run into” spaces.


  • Position ten cones in a straight line starting from one penalty area to the other. Select a distance space between a meter or an “8th” of a meter.


  • The player starts the drill by standing by the first cone and a coach holding the ball on the sidelines.
  • The coach kicks the ball to the player at high velocity.
  • The player controls the ball and dribbles it through the cones. Now, the player makes sure to switch between different ball controls with each part of the feet.
  • He goes around the last cone with as few touches as possible and proceeds on a top-speed sprint with the ball towards the first cone.
  • The cycle repeats, with the coach determining the rep numbers and other variations.

Forth and Back Soccer Drill

The forth and back soccer drill prioritizes speed and strength. This drill has a cone requirement of six, with its outcome improving sprints and body feints.


  • Place the six cones in a straight line. Leave them at a distance that’s equal to each.


  • The first player dribbles the ball through the first cone and unto the second. He makes a turn at the second cone back to the first one in a straight line.
  • He dribbles the ball through the first and second cone to the third one. Now, he turns and sprints with the ball down to the first cone.
  • He repeats the movement up to the sixth cone, then he takes a break of sixty seconds and starts back down.

One v Two Soccer Dribble Drill

When we talk about one of the best cone-based training drills you can set up with two cones, the 1-vs-2 soccer dribble routine ranks high. It’s suitable for building up confidence which might be at an “all-time low” due to new ball handling and control techniques. 


  • Create a “gate” with two cones at the edge of the penalty arc.
  • Create a second gate within the penalty box, leaving a considerable distance between both gates.
  • Place a player at each gate and a goalkeeper at the goalpost.
  • Make the rest of the team form a straight-line offensive a few meters away from the first gate.


  • On cue, the first player takes on offensive dribbles towards the goal. He attempts to go around the two gates and have a shot on goal.
  • The defensive players try to prevent passage around the gates.
  • If the defensive player wins possession, the attacker rejoins the offensive line.
  • When the attacking player scores a goal, he joins the next pair of defenders at the gates.

Wrapping Up

Soccer cone training has been part and parcel of teams from time immemorial. However, their functions and importance to date remain unchanged. In a world where there’s a tendency to equate equipment sophistication and high performance, cones ensure that practical training is inexpensive.

A soccer coach needs to utilize the cones as a veritable means to an end and implement cone-based training, which would improve the core performance areas on the pitch collectively. The drills, as mentioned above, are some of the quickest ways to use soccer cones in boosting cognitive performance within the team.