Best Football Portals for GamStopped Players

Young Britons are looking for reliable football news portals associated with traditional publications. A poll by the independent opinion found the Guardian newspaper to be the most trusted newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Guardian is most trusted among readers aged 18 to 29 years, according to the result of a survey.

This pan-European study tested many publications in an effort to “understand the scale and diversity of news media in every country.” Among them were four British newspapers. The Guardian was at the very top, ahead of The Times. Read more at Casino Wise’s non-GamStop football betting portal.

The Pew Research Center found that 40% of Britons aged 18-29 never listen to news on the radio, and 19% say they never watch news on television, preferring news websites and social media.

Most trusted newspapers in Britain (% of population):

  • The Guardian – 62%
  • The Times – 55%
  • The Daily Mirror – 22%
  • The Daily Mail – 26%

Where else to read about sports


The BBC remains the main source of news for all generations of Britons. 44 percent of people aged 18-29 cite this corporation as their main source of information. The Guardian ranks second in popularity among young audiences, followed by MailOnline.

At the same time, the survey shows that the younger audience uses the BBC less often and trusts it less. The BBC itself recognizes this fact and has already begun internal discussions on how to attract more readers, viewers and listeners from this age group.

The Sports section can be found in almost any media you read anyway. For example, the British BBC has quite extensive sports sections. This resource offers everything a fan needs – live online broadcasts, the latest football news including all sports, analytics and gossip.

The survey found that changing trends in media consumption are roughly the same across Europe, be it Britain, France or Germany.

The Times

One of the most serious newspapers of our time, “The Times” will be your reliable source of new words in English One of the most famous newspapers in the world, the English Times, first appeared in 1785. An interesting fact: it was this edition that gave us the most popular font Times New Roman. So, in 1931, the typographer Morison wrote an article in which he severely criticized the newspaper for its poor print quality. And already in 1932 the newspaper began to appear in a new design: it was typed in a well-known font.

The newspaper covers UK news and events in the world, health news, politics, economics, sports, education, culture, science and technology. As in previous editions, there is a Daily Life section where you can take a break from serious articles and read fascinating publications about food and travel, psychology and fashion.

The Independent

The Independent will expand your horizons and enrich your vocabulary with useful phrases. The relatively young British edition of The Independent began publication in 1986. The name of the newspaper speaks volumes about its content: as a rule, articles protect human rights and severely criticize cases of their violation.

The site contains news in such headings as “Politics, People”, “Opinions”, “Sports”, “Technologies”, “Life”, “Property”, “Art”, “Travel”, “Money”, “Best “,” Students “,” Offers “.

One of the most interesting bookmarks on the site is the Video section. Here, in short videos, the latest world events are presented.

The Daily Telegraph

Together with “The daily Telegrapgh” you will be able to keep abreast of all the news in the English-speaking world. The popular newspaper The Daily Telegraph was founded in 1855. Moreover, if today the goal of the publication is to keep people informed of world events, then back in 1855, its founder, Colonel Arthur Sly, began to publish a newspaper with the sole intention of criticizing the Duke of Cambridge in articles. However, all Sly’s efforts were in vain: a few years later, the duke became the commander-in-chief of the British army.

Like other publications, The Daily Telegraph publishes daily articles on various topics: politics, economics, technology, sports, health, world news, culture, fashion, travel, etc.

Sky Sports

Sky sports is a group of TV channels that broadcast live from sports events of all kinds of sports. It includes 10 channels, each of which is dedicated to a specific sport – football, cricket, golf, tennis, etc.

Live video streaming is only available to paid subscribers. However, a large amount of video and text information on a variety of sports is posted on the Sky Sport website.

There are free podcasts and a pub finder to watch Sky Sports in the UK.

Popular sporting portals to read about football for GamStopped players


One of the world’s leading sports sites. Covers sports news in real time, broadcasts games online, provides news, commentary and analytics. The site is American, so a lot of attention is paid to local sports and teams. 

  1. Sporting News

American sports magazine founded in 1886. At the very beginning of its existence, it was known as the “Bible of Baseball”, as he wrote a lot about this sport. In 2008, an online version was launched that covers most sports – football, basketball, athletics, boxing, tennis, mixed martial arts, hockey, golf and more.

  1. SB Nation

Sports Blog Nation is part of VoxMedia, a new media group that creates lively content and communicates with readers in a casual manner.

SB Nation brings together over 300 sports fan clubs. Along with the editors of the publication, each of whom specializes in a particular sport, the site has a large user community. You can find your team’s page, share photos, videos, opinions, discuss the game and make new acquaintances with those who like what you like.


NonGamStopWager is one of the most visited internet platforms focusing on GamSop, created by journalist Steve Scott. The portal is mainly interesting for its reviews and interesting content, where the user is immersed in an unprecedented “without GamStop” atmosphere.

  1. Bleacher Report

Another extraordinary site founded by four fan friends in 2005. In 2011, Forbes named Bleacher Report a startup shaping the digital space, and the publication was included in the top 50 best sites of the year according to Time magazine.

The site presents the main sports from basketball to tennis. Each section opens with a page with the latest news – where tweets from a variety of sports publications flock, you will definitely not miss a single news or fascinating article on your favorite sport.