Euro 2020 and Belgium’s Date with Destiny

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The term “golden generation” is arguably thrown around a bit too freely in football. England’s golden generation of the 2000s, for example, is most associated with failure to live up to its promise. In the United States currently, there is talk of a golden generation, despite many of the players not yet proving worthy of … Read more

Euro 2020: One Area of Concern for Each of the Top Contenders


If you watched last month’s World Cup Qualifiers, you probably noticed that many of the top European teams struggled. Sure, Germany’s loss to North Macedonia (the first qualifying loss for the Germans since the famous 5-1 loss to England in 2001) took most of the headlines, but others struggled against seemingly inferior opposition. If any … Read more

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Set to Kick-Off

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The Champions League is entering its final stages, with the quarterfinals approaching. Eight of the best teams in Europe are all dreaming of reaching the ultimate prize and lift the title of soccer’s most significant club competition. In the next few paragraphs, we will briefly look at what happened in the previous round and make … Read more

How Long Does A Soccer Game Last?

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. With almost 200 countries playing this sport, soccer is notably more popular globally compared to other ball sports such as basketball or volleyball, but how long does a soccer game last? There are many names associated with this sport but it can be called … Read more

What Soccer Balls of the Future Will Look Like

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What Soccer Balls of the Future Will Look Like Soccer balls have come a long way since the days of people kicking a pig’s bladder up and down a cobbled street. Such is the technology and design that goes into making modern balls that they can be made to dip and swerve depending on the … Read more