Fresh Faced Canada Poised To Qualify For 2022 FIFA World Cup

While Canada have yet to qualify for the 2022 FIFA world cup, they are in a great position to top the CONCACAF table and head out to Qatar in football’s greatest international competition. As it stands, the Maple leafs have yet to experience defeat in this round of World Cup qualifiers, and are set to be a dark horse once they qualify for the competition. 

Team Canada has only managed to qualify for one FIFA world cup back in 1986, when the competition was held in Mexico. While the memory of having Canada at the World Cup is looked back on fondly by the country, the rest of the world simply remember the Canadians as the one team to not score a goal, and not make it past the group stages. 

This however is bound to change. While anything can happen in football, the Canadian national football team is looking stronger than ever, and have been in rip roaring form in their campaign to qualify for a spot in the world cup in 2022. Team Canada is well set to pack their bags for Qatar, as they will need an average of 1.8 – 1.9 points per game in order to qualify. 

In other words, if Canada win just one more of their next three qualifying games, the Men’s team will be on their way to represent the country for just a second time at a FIFA world cup, and experts believe that they’ll do more than simply fill a space. 

The CONCACAF intercontinental group is one that is full of well established competitors. Soccer has taken off in the US, and the country is expected to become a strong soccer playing nation in years to come. They have some firepower to draw from, with the likes of Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic, Dortmund’s Gio Reyna, and Barcelona’s Sergiño Dest. 

The Canadians have some fire power of their own to draw from, in the form of Bayern Munich speedster Alphonso Davies, and Lille striker Johnathan David giving the Maple Leafs solidity in defense, and fireworks in attack. 

Part of the recent rise in soccer in Canada can be explained by how CanMNT have approached the sport in recent years. Canada have not reached their all time highest FIFA world ranking, and have also partnered with coach John Hedman. 

The improvement in soccer is part of a country wide focus on bringing Canadian sports forward, which can also be seen in the country’s betting laws. In August 2021, the safe and regulated sports betting act received royal assent, allowing provinces to create and regulate themselves from a betting perspective. Ontario are set to offer sports betting from 4th of April, and initial projections show that Ontario will generate almost a billion dollars in revenue. 

Based on this it’s clear that Canada will continue to grow as a sporting nation, and the country is well set to be a dark horse contender in the world cup, worthy of causing immense upsets. The footballing world is eager to see how this developing football nation will fare on the world’s biggest stage.