Geekvape And PSG Partnership – A New Chapter For Vapers And Vaping Industry?

The news published in July 2021 announcing Chinese vape brand Geekvape and European football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) official partnership for season 2021-2022 made quite a splash. This is the first time in football history that a worldwide known club agreed to partner with a big vape brand, so naturally, the topic started many discussions. Many football and vaping lovers wondered what Geekvape’s best vaporizer (, created especially for this purpose, looks like. However, there were not too many official statements or comments apart from the commercial articles with flashing titles and assertions about a new era in sports sponsorships.

What makes this partnership so special?

PSG was founded in 1970, changed its ownership in 2011, and since then collected 27 trophies, an unprecedented success in French football history. Most people heard of this club as some of the biggest names, including Beckham, Ronaldinho, and Ibrahimovic, defended its colors. It is one of the most followed sports organizations with millions of fans and followers on social media profiles. Today, PSG owns both men’s and women’s football and handball clubs and the judo section. In 2000, PSG created a Foundation to financially support social and professional inclusion programs for sick and disadvantaged children, young people, and adults.

The first Geekvape product was released in 2016, and since then, this company is known for its advanced solutions for dry herb vaporizer and other devices. Their production is based on innovative technology and aims to elevate the reliability and user’s safety on a higher level. In the vaping industry realm, this company is placed among the most productive ones and it’s not just because of their wide range of products. It’s mostly because they are ready to make an added effort to come up with different product improvements. In 2021, they’ve announced the beginning of the building project for the intelligent manufacturing park. This facility should enable a smooth transition to high-quality production and supply more investments in technological innovations. On the Vapouround Award 2021, held in Dubai, among 300 worldwide vaping companies Geekvape won the five most prestigious awards.

Both PSG and Geekvape are the leaders in their field of activity, with a clear strategy, ambition, and determination to succeed. Judging by the jointly published announcement, they’ve agreed to organize mutual campaigns club visits and work together on commercials and new products.

Vaping health dilemmas

Despite the positive news about the benefits of smokers switching to vaping, many brows were raised by health professionals and other experts. According to some distinguished health organizations, replacing traditional cigarettes with vaping products and devices, including the best portable vaporizer pens and kits could be a first step in quitting. While releasing vapor instead of smoke, these products don’t produce carbon monoxide or tar, which is less damaging for users’ health. Several studies showed that vaping can help control nicotine cravings. However, using e-liquids with an elevated level of nicotine can be equally harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. Health specialists suggest that vaping should be combined with other quitting techniques, such as consultations with experts, gums, and patches. However, for people who want to quit, a combination of smoking and vaping should be completely avoided.

Vaping marijuana concentrates and using the best cannabis vaporizer is another hot topic, especially since some countries have legalized the use of cannabis. In the USA, medical cannabis is used for certain medical conditions in a few cannabidiol-based pills. Since then, the list hasn’t been extended.

Is vaping equipment safe

Except for health, another critical issue is the user’s safety in terms of equipment and product origin. This is a very lucrative industry, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the black market has seen and seized the opportunity to supply the vapers with cheaper vaping products of questionable quality. Unlike products from Geekvape and other major producers, illegal products are not evaluated and, therefore probably extremely dangerous for use. It’s advisable, for all users, to research before buying from trusted sources, preferably the best herb vaporizer or any other kind of vaping equipment available on the market. Some e-liquids were even sold as supplements for weight loss and advertised as a cure for some conditions and diseases. Most countries already have clear and updated regulations and laws forbidding illegal sales. For adult users, researching and using the best herb vaporizer and e-liquids available on the market is the best they can do.

The safety of vaping equipment is something that both society and users should address. Most vaping devices use lithium-ion batteries to heat the e-liquid. If the battery is not properly charged or not bought from the legitimate producer, it can cause burns and other injuries. A much safer way is to buy products in the local store and choose a more expensive weed vaporizer, which is also much safer. If for no other reason than because it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Despite the difference in opinions, we should all agree that young generations need to be educated and protected from smoking and vaping. Unfortunately, in 2021, the survey in the USA reported 1.72 million high and middle school students using e-cigarettes. The relationship between vaping and advertising changed a lot in the last three years. In 2019, the owners of CBS, CNN, and a few other broadcasting brands announced that ads for vaping products will be banned from their programs due to the investigation of vaping-related illnesses. Since then, some countries have organized several anti-smoking and anti-vaping campaigns to enable exact information for young people. However, regarding the 2021 results of a slowdown in the decrease of the number of active smokers in the UK, John Dunne, UK Vaping Industry Association representative, said that it happened mostly because of the negative spin and fabricated news about vaping products.

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