How Football Clubs Promote Gambling In Social Media?

Social Media has become a powerful form of communication tool. It reaches a huge number of people within no time. Promoting anything online has become hassle-free and cheap. The football industry has evolved a lot over the years. The clubs maintain a high standard and luxury, for which they need sponsorships that come from the UK gambling industry. 

The Betting and Gambling Council or BGC has been introducing new laws in order to get the right amount of shoutout and promotion from football teams whom they sponsor. It is a two-way process, the football teams thrive on gambling sponsorships to maintain their status whereas the gambling industry needs to reach out to a larger number of people via sports broadcasting. 

However, punters in the UK can exercise self-control if they enrol in exclusion schemes such as GamStop and GamCare. These are policies that are applicable to casinos licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. In an effort to stop addicted gambling, punters can voluntarily sign-up for these schemes and stay away from casinos that offer games.

New Sets Of Rules By The BGC

The Betting and Gambling Council has set up new rules in order to protect the youth from getting exploited due to witnessing any form of gambling advertisements. The trading body had written to the English Premier League and the English Football League. The BGC has clearly stated that promoting gambling via posts should only be accessible by the above 18 categories. 

Promotion Of Gambling On Social Media Platforms

The Gambling industry has joined hands with one of the most popular games in the world. Football sponsorships help the industry gain popularity among sports fans. Apart from promoting the gambling companies as logos on jerseys, the football industry does quite a bit more in terms of advertisements. Gambling promotion was done via multiple media sources such as the official football team pages, Facebook profiles, Instagram, hoardings, and whatnot. But with every additional promotion comes the risk of spreading the negative aspect of gambling that the underage people might find lucrative due to lack of experience. 

Due to the recent ban on advertisements on the ground, heavy advertising via television, radio platforms are going. Earlier, Twitter was used as a medium for promoting international betting sites such as and However, since it could negatively affect the youngsters. Many clubs like Arsenal, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, etc were given notice in order to stop promoting gambling. Pre-match tweets of these clubs were highlighted that promoted gambling and encouraged people to try it out. The mutual relationship between these two industries has been told to carry out promotions in a more responsible and righteous way. 

Relationship Between Football And Gambling 

Football and gambling share a very close relationship and innumerable clubs have a sponsorship deal with casino companies. Football is a sport that is played on a regular basis and if they lose out on sponsorships from the gambling industry, both the companies would suffer losses. Nowadays, gambling promotion is done on a larger scale, to attract global audiences which would increase revenue generation for the industry. Football might have chosen another non-controversial sponsorship brand but they did not get a lucrative offer as the gambling industry. 

This is a big problem for the industry. Even if these casinos would not use these sponsorships to promote their business, their overall revenue falls apart because, via football, their brand reaches the audience. Authoritative gaming resources say that the larger football clubs might survive without gambling sponsorships by being responsible in order to not promote gambling. But, the smaller clubs are in dire need of such sponsorships as they help in building the club in all aspects. 


Betting and Football are intertwined in such a manner that esports betting has become popular among punters across the globe. Online betting has made their lives easier and with everything accessible via devices with an internet connection, the world is at our feet. From viewing advertisements to being a part of a live e-sport, nothing is mainstream anymore. Reaching and targeting the right customers is the aim. Children should not be motivated to gamble in any way. Restricting betting to the right public is very important in order to maintain rules and regulations. 

Gambling, if done in a regulated and proper way, is not harmful. But, with such an expanded market; there are plenty of addicted gamblers who are in dire need of help in order to come out of it. Self-exclusion schemes prohibit access to all UK-based online casinos and block gambling advertisements of all forms in order to make it easier for them to come back to a healthy lifestyle.