How to stream the Qatar World Cup from the US

Whether you are a football fan or a by-the-way spectator, you must know that the World Cup is the most anticipated soccer sport after the EPL this year. It happens every four years and boasts of being one of the biggest and most watched events after the Superbowl worldwide. 

This year, it is set to take place in the Arab nation of Qatar with plans already underway. There is a record sixty- four matches by men’s teams, with the best country bagging the bragging rights for the next four years.

Fixtures have already been made and betting in the US on them has never been easier. However, the starting date has been shifted to a day earlier to give Qatar adequate time to prepare for a good opening ceremony and curtain raise for other matches. The final game’s date remains unchanged and happens on Sunday, December 18th.

You may be tempted to travel to Qatar where it will be summer as the US will be on the edge of winter. But if you can’t, these channels will broadcast throughout.

Popular streaming channels 

Fox and FS1 are the major streaming services of the World Cup in the US and are readily available on cable which makes it easy for every American to watch. The 64 games are split between the two. Fox will broadcast 35 of the matches while FS1 will have 29. They will also be showcased on Hulu TV, FuboTV, Youtube, Sling TV, and Direct TV Stream in conjunction with Fox, and FS1.

What about the US matches

There are thirty-two countries that play in the World Cup, and are divided into two phases: the group stage and the knockout stage. They are further split into eight groups of four, where every team plays against its teammates once, for three matches.

The US is in group B, and is classified with Iran, England, and Wales It matches are as follows:

US vs. Wales

Monday, November 21st, at 2 pm 

England vs. the US

Friday, November 25th, at 2 pm

Iran vs. the US. 

Tuesday, November 29th, at 2 pm

While soccer ratings are low in America, the strategic timing of the World Cup can strengthen its popularity. It collides with black Friday and the Thanksgiving holiday, meaning many people could be stuck in their houses, and glued to their screens.