MLS Stars You Should Know About

7 Players, you should be keeping an eye on in the MLS 

The MLS may not be the most popular league in the world. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some of the most exciting players. 

With rumors flying around, after the delayed 2020 Euros, that some of Europe’s biggest stars could be moving over to the MLS. We thought we’d talk you through some of the most talented players the league already has to offer. 


Andre Blake 

If you want to place a Prop Bet, using a site like Fanduel,  on any goalkeeper in the MLS – we’d recommend betting on Andre Blake saving any shot that is heading towards his goal. 

The 6″2 keeper has the best save record in the league. Currently, Blake has 6 clean sheets out of 12 matches in the MLS, but across all leagues, he has a whopping 50 clean sheets. 

Charles Gil 

Gil has played every minute of the season for his team so far. In that time he has provided over 10 assists and 2 goals. This puts him 2nd in the league for assists and 3rd (non-defender) in goals. 

Last season Gil racked up an impressive 54 key passes and assists. His closest opponent only managed 32. More recently, he was named Player of the Month by the league in June. 

If we see the New England Revolution challenging for the top spots in the league this season, it will be down to the hard work of Charles Gil. 

Raul Ruidias 

The danger that Ruidas presents can really be summed up by looking at his postseason stats. 9 goals in 9 games. Not just that but Ruidias also provided 6 assists in those 9 matches. 

Since his transfer in 2018, Ruidias has scored over 45 goals for his Seattle-based team. Before moving to America, Ruidias was one of the top scorers in the Liga MX. Ruidias also plays for the Peruvian national team and has 43 caps for his country. 

He is a seasoned player and one that other teams should be very wary of. 

Daniel Salloi 

During his first 2 seasons in the MLS Salloi came up with one goal and one assist, in total! This year, things are very different. The player has scored 7 goals and supplied 3 assists in 12 games. Putting him third in non-penalty goals for the season. 

Salloi plays for Sporting Kansas City but is from Hungary originally. He is also one of the tallest non-goalkeepers in the league, towering over the others at 6″1. 

If Salloi keeps up his amazing run, he could be one of the front runners for the Golden Boot this season. 


Nani (Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha) is a name most of you might recognize. This isn’t the first fantastic start to the season he has had in his career. Nani currently has the highest goals per minute scores in the league and is not someone you should be ignoring. 

Nani’s particular talent is that he seems to be able to create goals out of nowhere. So far this season half of his goals and assists have come from outside the penalty box. This is something not many players can claim. He may be 34, but he can still score goals like men 10 years younger than him. 


Chicharito (Javier Hernández Balcázar) is currently on 10 goals in 10 games this season. Yes, you read that correctly. His team LA Galaxy has a lot to thank him for this season as he is their lead goal scorer. 

Not only is Chicharito excellent at scoring goals but he is also a pro at blocking shots and defending goals. 

So far this season he has put in 21 shots on target and he doesn’t show any signs of stopping. He has also racked up 6 key passes and 1 assist.  

Antonio Carlos 

Our final player to watch in the MLS Antonio Carlos. Carlos plays for Orlando City and is arguably the best defender in the league right now. He has been causing strikers of every skill level headaches with 41 clearances, 10 blocks, and 24 interceptions in less than 1000 minutes of football. 

He has completely transformed his team’s defensive structure since his transfer in late 2019. 

Carlos has already clocked 483 successful passes this season. And even has made 4 shots on target. He really is a dangerous player in any area of the field. He is most definitely a play you should have on your radar.