Mo Salah and His Future at Liverpool

The 2021/22 season is well underway and there’s no telling who’s going to win the championship title. Liverpool had a rocky time at best in the previous season, which left them only just scraping a top-four position. Traditionally, Liverpool transfer season sees them securing younger players to nurture and make great. However, luckily for Liverpool, transfer tactics changed back in 2017, allowing Liverpool the opportunity to return to the best return to form possible. This search for a star-studded team saw the great Mo Salah join Liverpool’s ranks in 2017. With him, he brought his world-renowned goal-scoring reputation with him. The Egyptian football sensation has another two years left on his contract and hasn’t signed a renewal just yet, which means offers may come pouring in for a purchase. With that in mind, let’s look at Mo Salah’s potential future with Liverpool. 


Salah’s Chelsea Days

Mo Salah’s first Premier League action was way back in 2014 when he donned the blue shirt for Jose Mourinho. However, in an interview with Sky Sports, Salah has said that he has wanted to play for Liverpool since the early days. He recalls playing against Liverpool and being enthralled by the atmosphere of the place. Further, he tells of using Liverpool to play on the PlayStation as a youngster. 

Unfortunately, when he played for Chelsea, he wasn’t allowed to shine and found himself on loan to Roma after just one year. Thankfully, for The Reds, when transfer talks happened in Rome, Salah was more than happy to take to Anfield and prove his worth on English soil – and that’s exactly what he has done. 

Salah Wants to Be the Best

Mo Salah has always said that he wants to be the best footballer globally, similar to Cristiano Ronaldo did back in the day. This is a goal that he seems to have achieved, especially in the eyes of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. The German manager announced that Salah is “the best player in the world” after The Reds beat Watford a staggering 5-0. Salah welcomes such comments with gratitude but knows that the phrase ‘best in the world’ will always be subjective. However, there’s no denying that his time at Liverpool, and a hopeful future, will allow him to fulfil his dreams in the eyes of the fans at least. 

Nine Consecutive Matches

Chatter about being the best in the world might be subjective, but he is undoubtedly beginning to mount up the accolades to go with it. When Liverpool clashed with Atletico in Madrid, Salah found the back of the net and broke club records as he became the first player to score a goal in nine consecutive games. With the man breaking milestones like that and the club manager claiming he is the best, there’s no surprise Mo Salah wants to stay at Liverpool. 

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Footballers In Their 30s

Salah is 29, which means he is coming up to the end run of his career, given that the average age of football retirement is 35 years. Although Salah wants to stay, his future is ultimately down to the club and whether they can afford to maintain him. Typically, once footballers reach 30, they see a drop in their worth. This means that Liverpool needs to either take a high offer quickly, keep him, or take a low offer down the line. 

The Continent Watches

While on the topic of transfer acceptance, there’s chatter on the rumour mill that the likes of Barcelona and Madrid are in Liverpool/Salah contract talks. Perhaps these clubs are gearing up to try and steal away the football legend. Unfortunately, many other clubs can’t afford the player right now. The only other real contender is Paris Saint Germain, who are securing football superstars with every passing transfer season.

Fortunately for Liverpool, Mo Salah has already said that he wants to spend the rest of his career at Anfield. All the higher-ups need to do is make their business decisions. 

The Business Side

Ultimately, the future of Mo Salah at Liverpool comes down to how much money Liverpool is willing to lay down. With the high numbers that Salah is producing, he’s going to cost a significant sum of money to keep. With clubs on the continent watching affairs and gearing up to dig deep into their pockets, Anfield will need to make sure that they can outdo any offer that comes in. The best-case scenario for Mo Salah and Liverpool at the moment is that they can come to a deal house and a new contract can be signed. Fortunately, Salah talks heavily about wanting to stay with the club.

Liverpool Train Salah Well

As mentioned previously, Mo Salah wants to be the best footballer in the world, however subjective that goal may be. To do this, Salah’s mentality is to consistently push forward and improve. The only way to do that is to train, which is what Liverpool are good at. After he has finished his typical training session, he will train privately, running drills and practising different goal scenarios. As a man with a vision to be the best, why would he not want to stay with a club that can help him improve and Liverpool?

There’s no denying that Mo Salah has helped Liverpool return to greatness. With just under two years left on his contract and no new agreements signed, his future at Liverpool is under the microscope right now. Luckily for the club and fans, Mo Salah talks regularly of having a true passion for Liverpool and never wanting to play against them.