Seven Football Games You Can Play on Your Phone

This one is for football lovers all over the world. If you love football, it goes without saying you will love these football games. If you like creating and building things, Minecraft is your home. MGM online is your space if you are a fan of casinos. If you can’t get enough football, this is the place to be. Football is one of the most popular games on all platforms. Various football gaming industry titans have released games for Android and IOS mobile devices in recent years. However, with so many titles available, it can take hours of gameplay to determine which ones are actually worth playing. Well, we have done that work for you. This article will look at the best football games for all devices. 

  1. Final Kick – Final Kick is a straightforward soccer game with an arcade feel. It allows you to replay a shootout indefinitely. Obviously, your goal is to score goals. The game has good graphics, offline tournaments, online multiplayer, weekly tournaments, and straightforward controls. There isn’t much to this one. That, however, is part of its allure. Although the tournaments can take a while to complete, it’s an excellent way to pass the time. Unfortunately, it is freemium, which is the worst aspect of it.
  1. New Star Manager – The brilliant New Star Soccer established the parameters for a brilliant mobile-focused Android football game with depth and nuance. With masterful results, New Star Manager goes even deeper by shifting the focus from the individual to the team. Overall, it exceeded expectations in every aspect, from gameplay to graphics to strategy. New Star Manager and New Star Soccer are apps every football fan should have on their phone.
  1. FIFA Mobile Soccer – FIFA Mobile Soccer is the popular FIFA football game’s mobile version. It is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS users. It is undoubtedly one of the best online football games and has a large global following. It features breathtaking gameplay and stunning graphics.
  1. eFootball PES – If you want to download a football game with many best-in-class features, you should go for eFootball PES. PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, and if you didn’t already know, it is the main competitor to the legendary FIFA. It allows you to play with several licensed clubs and features Europe’s finest. Furthermore, the game’s local and online multiplayer functionality will enable you to compete against your friends. The feature that has propelled eFootball PES to the top of the Android football game rankings is the ability to fulfill every football fan’s fantasy by signing various legends to your squad.
  1. Dream League Soccer – Dream League Soccer provides high-quality football action. Soccer has evolved, and now is your chance to put together the best team on the planet. On your way to Soccer Stardom, you can hire real FIFProTM licensed superstars, build your own stadium, and compete against the rest of the world in Dream League Online.
  1. Stickman Soccer – The players in this game are all stickmen, as the name implies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have personalities! You can play with clubs that sound and look familiar and buy the stick versions of famous players using in-game currency. If you don’t want to do that, you can create your own team and players to create the ideal mix of stick players. The gameplay is fast-paced, and the controls are simple, making the game easy to learn and play. Because the referee’s standards for what constitutes a foul are pretty low, you can be a little more aggressive than usual. Stickman soccer supports local multiplayer with controllers, making it an ideal game to play with a friend.
  1. Score Hero – Score Hero is not the same as Dream League Soccer or FIFA Mobile Soccer. In Score Hero, you play as a single character rather than as a football manager in charge of an entire team. Essentially, the premise is that you will have a soccer career similar to that of a real soccer player, where you can develop your character into a champion, at least for as long as the manager wants you on the team. Score Hero has around 500 levels to wade through, so it will keep you busy for a long time.