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Soccer balls 1 Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

“There can be no game of football without a ball and the better the ball, the better the game.”

Information on the latest soccer ball designs and news is provided. 

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Nike Geo Merlin Vapor

List $140 

Nike Geomerlin Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

 The English Premier League, the Brazilian League, the Spanish League, the US National Team, the Brazilian National Team, the Korean National Team, the Portuguese National Team, Inter Milan, PSG, PSV, Hertha Berlin, and 1860 Munich and many more all use Nike’s Geo Merlin Vapor as their official ball. Nike indicates that the ball is faster, rounder and FIFA approved, it delivers the latest in Nike design and innovation.

Developed around the DART (Dynamic Acceleration Response and Touch) casing system. Nike indicates that “the Geo Merlin Vapor has everything from a softer touch to explosive speed. It is deadly accurate yet still extremely durable. With more explosive power coming off the boot, improved softness and touch and excellent shape retention, the Geo Merlin Vapor is the top of the line”.

GeoMerlin rounder Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

Casing technology:

  • Outer Casing (Cover) – 1.2 mm Teijin PU is a micro-fiber based, high-solid polyurethane with a fused panel design (double hex panel design).
  • Inner Layer 1 – 2.0 mm compressed Polyethelene
  • Inner Layer 2 – Cold Vulcanized Latex Rubber
  • Inner Layer 3 – German Polyester Support Fabric 
  • BLADDER: Carbon latex 6-wing bladder and AirBloc II valve system. 

Features exclusive Nike Geo Balanced Technology for equalized pressure dispersion for consistent response and ball flight.

FIFA approved

Nike Total 90 Aerow

List $130.00

Designed to reduce drag, for better accuracy and increased velocity. COVER: Hand-stitched, high performance PU with linear grooves for consistent, sustained flight. Exclusive Geo Balanced technology with six double-hex panels. Exclusive E foam for greater stability, durability and performance in cold weather. BLADDER: Special 6-wing carbon latex with Air Block II air retention system. FIFA Approved.

Ball Nike total 90 Aerow Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

Standard Version – Red and Black Stripes

LFP Version – Blue and Black Stripes with the LFP logo on it

Copa America Version – Gold and Black Stripes with Copa America Logo on it

Premireship Version – Blue and Black Stripes with the Barklycard Premireship Logo on it 


BallNikeHIVIS90BArclay Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations
Ball Nike HIVIS 90BArclay2 Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

New! Total 90 Hi-Vis soccer ball – Designed specifically to aid soccer players in the low light conditions common throughout the English winter, the Nike Total 90 Aerow Hi-Vis has been developed with leading sports-vision scientists.

Nike’s team of dedicated sport-vision scientists have determined that yellow is the most visible casing colour to the human eye in lower light conditions and have combined this with the optimum contrasting colour, dark blue.

According to Nike: “The Nike Total 90 Aerow Hi-Vis ball represents a significant visual contrast and will enable the players to maintain visual effectiveness and attain optimum performance levels.”

The U.S. National Men‘s team made its debut performance with Nike’s Total 90 Aerow Hi-Vis ball against Jamaica on Wednesday November 17, 2004 . The  ball is being used during the winter months in all English Premier League and Spanish Liga Primera games during the 2004-05 season. With the distinctive yellow base and contrasting blue stripe, the ball has gotten solid reviews from the players in the US camp. The ball is also used in some of the German Budesliga matches.

Nike Seitiro Premier Hi Vis

Nike_Seitiro_EPL_Ball Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

The Nike Seitiro features NIKE RaDaR technology, which stands for Rapid Decision and Response. It is a lab and field tested standard of visual performance that allows players to see the ball better. Validated on pitch with some of the best athletes in the world, the combination of ball casing color, graphic design, and contrast creates an optimal visual signal on the pitch. What does this all mean? It means that NIKE RaDaR allows players to make faster decisions on the pitch and stay ahead of the pace of the game.

The Nike Seitiro continues the tradition of Control, Accuracy, and Touch that is intrinsic to Nike footballs. A micro-textured casing design delivers confident accuracy and aerodynamic stability as airflow is equalized over the ball surface. The premium foam layer ensures consistent control and a soft touch in all conditions. Finally, due to GEO II balanced technology, the Nike Seitiro boasts an even transfer of energy throughout all panels, a 360 degree sweet spot that forces the ball to respond with power no matter where it’s struck.

COVER: Micro-textured TPU for improved control. Geometric Precision distributes pressure around the ball for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike.

Nitrogen-expanded foam for shape retention and durability. Perfectly round shape ensures the ball flies fast, far and true.

BLADDER: Six-wing carbon latex for explosive acceleration. FIFA approved.

Nike Seitiro Premier

Nike Seitiro EPL Ball Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

Nike Seitiro Premier LFP

Nike Seitiro LFP Ball white  Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

Puma Cellerator Shudoh  or MLS Match Ball
FIFA approved.

Puma Shudoh  Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

List Price: $99.00

Size: 5
Material: Dimple PU
Features: 6 wing latex bladder, ‘PERIMETER BALANCE TECHNOLOGY’ (PBT) and ‘PUMA AIR LOCK’ (PAL) system
Profile: Top competition ball with “Dimple CW” -Puma claims the “Dimple CW System is for unbeatable control and straight trajectory. The dimples cause less drag and more lift than a regular surface which provides further, higher and faster shooting speed”.

“The FIFA-approved, patented ball ensures maximum trajectory, precision, and increased shooting speed by adapting the physics designed for golf balls. The dimpled surface area gives the ball the positive flight characteristics of a golf ball: consistency and length of trajectory. The dimples create an air pocket of “positive turbulence” around the ball in flight, which translates to superior distance, maximum speed and unparalleled accuracy.”

The Cellerator Shudoh is used in Europe by the Scottish Football Association, Serie A power Lazio, the Bundesliga’s VFB Stuttgart and by France’s AS Monaco.

The MLS Match Ball is similar in design and of course used in MLS matches.

Mitre ISO Final Football

List Price: $89.95

mitre iso Soccer Ball Technology, Developments, News and Innovations

The official match ball of prestigious FA Cup, the unique 26 panel ISO design delivers what Mitre claims as the world’s fastest football. Recorded at 114mph.

Mitre claims “Every ISO ball is precision engineered to within 3 grams of its ideal weight and to 3mm of its optimum size. Every ISO ball will perform exactly the same, giving players striking confidence and total consistency through out the game.

The aerodynamic superiority of the ISO ball delivers unmatched accuracy. From the edge of the box you can consistently hit the top corner – if you’re good enough. The ISO is straight and true, exactly as players want it.”

The deep seams are intended to help reduce drag and improve spin so you can bend it around the extra man in the wall. Japanese microfilm technology ensures a good grip for keepers and the MAXLOC3 air retention system provides lasting performance.
Mitre balls are used in the FA Cup competition as well as the footballs to be used by England teams at all levels.

Do the newly developed balls help kicking accuracy?

Peter Brancazio, a physics professor emeritus from Brooklyn College and author of the book SportsScience, is not convinced any newly developed ball can make much of a difference.

“Sounds like a lot of marketing talk to me,” he said. “The accuracy of the kick really depends on the player’s ability to put their foot on the right spot on the ball. No technology is going to help you do that.”

Soccer Ball World believes that ball accuracy will improve if you go from using a low quality ball that is warped or “out of round” to a high quality ball that is round.  An out of round ball will tend to curve uncontrollably and cause the soccer ball to miss the intended target.

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