Sports Bets You Wish You Placed

Everyone loves a good underdog story, right? Well, yes, yes, they do. However, have you asked yourself why this is? One theory claims it’s an expression of schadenfreude – the pleasure in the misfortune of others. We resent winners, rich teams or players, so we take satisfaction in their setbacks.

Another experiment showed that this is not always so and that people crave an unexpected triumph more than someone else’s failure. Psychology backs this up as it has shown that people get more joy from surprise successes rather than those that they expect.

But how does this relate to sports betting? You know how. Nothing comes close to a big underdog win. It’s like hitting the jackpot on the casino floor, or nowadays at one of the best online casinos, ones with advance slot games that are tied into progressive jackpot networks that payout huge sums on a single spin.

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So, which sport underdog stories are equivalent to major jackpot wins? Which sports bet would have made your life easier, if you only knew, or were brave enough?

Leicester City Wins the Premier League

Probably the biggest upset in sports history. I’m sure people that don’t follow football might not agree or understand just how magical the 2016 season was. For a team that was lucky to not get relegated the previous year to go on and win the league the next one, is… unfathomable. The level of consistency necessary for a team of that stature to maintain throughout 38 games is astounding. The odds of 5000:1 perfectly reflect that.

Rulon Gardner Beats Aleksandr Karelin

Young fans today might not have heard of the legend that is Aleksandr Karelin, also known as “The Experiment”. At one time the most terrifying human and the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all-time, with nine consecutive world titles and a 13-year unbeaten streak. So, it came as a major shock when he lost at the Sydney Olympics to American Rulon Gardner. The odds for a Gardner win were at 2000:1, which just shows how unbeatable Karelin was thought to be.

The Miracle on Ice

This miraculous event transpired in Lake Placid at the Olympic Center, where the US team consisting of mostly amateur players faced off against the feared Russian team, one that had won five out of the previous six Olympic games. In a nail biter, the US team managed to squeak out a 4-3 win in front of more than eight thousand screaming fans. The odds on their victory were set at 1000:1

Greece Wins Euro 2004

Out of the sixteen teams at that year’s European championship in football, only Latvia was thought of a less likely winner before the tournament started. However, in the end, it was Greece that triumphed despite facing a murder’s row including Portugal twice, France, Spain, Russia, and the then-super-strong Czech Republic. They managed to lift the trophy and beat the odds, 80:1.