The 6 Best Goalkeepers At The Euros

The Euro is already coming to an end and, along this almost 1 month of competition, we saw some national teams that surprised, while others that left many fans disappointed.

Many players also drew attention, being the aces of the teams. Among them, we had many goalkeepers who really made a difference for their team and could be in the top 5 goalkeepers in the world.


With the help of football expert Evelyn Balyton, we’ve prepared a list of the 6 best goalkeepers we’ve seen in this Euro 2020. Remembering that we will not put them in order from best to worst, we will simply mention the names and why they are on our list.

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Rui Patricio

Rui Patricio joined the Euro, as well as the team from Portugal, with the intention of getting the second European title in a row. However, things ended up not going the way they planned.

Anyway, the goalkeeper – who can move to Italy and defend the Roma team next season – had a very good competition. In many matches, such as the duel against France for example, Rui Patricio showed why he is still Portugal’s starting goalkeeper.

Unai Simon

For many, the presence of Unai Simon as Spain’s starting goalkeeper was a huge surprise. That’s because David De Gea, who is a big name, was on the bench. However, the 24-year-old was chosen by Coach Jose Enrique.

It’s true that Simon ended up playing one of the most bizarre moves of Euro 2020, conceding a howler, but he helped Spain reach the semi-finals of the competition. On the way, he had to go through two penalty kicks, being important against Switzerland in the quarterfinals.

Yann Sommer

Certainly one of the surprises in this Euro.

Despite showing his talent for years in the Bundesliga, many thought that Sommer wouldn’t make it that far with Switzerland. But the team made it to the quarter-finals and Gladbach’s goalkeeper was very important for that.

In the match against France, in the round of 16, Sommer made great saves and even saved Kylian Mbappe’s penalty to guarantee a spot in the quarterfinals.

Kasper Schmeichel

After what happened to Denmark in the first game of the competition, it was really a surprise to see them in the semifinals. Just like Schmeichel’s acting.

The Danish goalkeeper is really getting closer and closer to his father and proving his talent in every game, as well as showing him to be one of the most important figures in his national team.

If Denmark made it this far, much was thanks to this great goalkeeper.

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Despite all the talent of Gigi Donnarumma – something we’ve seen at AC Milan for a few seasons – we can say that his performance at Euro 2020 is somewhat surprising.

In fact, Italy’s overall participation is surprising. And if the Azzurra team managed to reach the grand finale, the young goalkeeper was important for that. In many matches, Donnarumma appeared in moments when it was needed and closed Italy’s goal with his 1.96m.

Thibault Courtois

A great competition from the Real Madrid goalkeeper was expected and that’s really what we saw. Courtois was very secure in Belgium’s goal and appeared every time he needed to.

Of course, the Belgian team ended up disappointing a little, as a lot is always expected from this generation. However, it wasn’t Courtois’ fault, which did her best and showed why she plays for a great team like Madrid.

Jordan Pickford

Despite showing insecurity at times, Pickford is England’s main goalkeeper and even surprised a little in this Euro.

In addition to helping the team reach the grand final, which will be played at Wembley, Pickford only conceded goals during the semi-final against Denmark. This shows how Everton’s goalkeeper made a good competition.

Honorable Mentions

In this session, we will bring some names that did a good job, but didn’t make it so far in the competition or just didn’t do as much to be considered as the best goalkeepers in the Euro.

They were:

  1. Manuel Neuer
  2. Hugo Lloris
  3. Wojciech Szczesny
  4. Peter Gulacsi
euro 2020

Among these four names, we pay special attention to Gulacsi. Although Hungary did not even manage to make it through the group stage, the goalkeeper – who plays for RB Leipzig in Germany – proved not only a leader but also an extremely important player for his country’s team.

Gulacsi made impressive saves and showed why he is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga and perhaps also one of the best in the world today.