Thomas Muller – German Attacking Perfection and Perseverance

German football is often linked to discipline and physical preparation, while the latest generations are also rather technical and creative. Thomas Muller can be regarded as the hybrid between the two thoughts. He has great physical and mental preparation, which is facilitated by a creative mind. At the same time, he doesn’t look very gracious on the field, which creates a wrong attitude towards Radio Muller. Also, his nickname Raumdauter is synonymous with his unique position on the pitch, which we’ll explain later.

Birthday and first career steps

One of the often underrated German attackers that play for Bayern only was born in 1989. The birthplace of Muller was the Bavaria region, Weilheim in Oberbayern, to be exact. It happened on September 13.

Thomas was interested in football from his first years, so he joined the academy of TSV Pahl being only four years old. At the age of 11, scouts of Bavaria’s main football club, Bayern, noted Muller’s talent. So, in 2000, the future Raumdauter joined the Munich club and was on his way to joining the main team. Do you want more interesting stories about football? Go to the best football portal in India and subscribe for news updates.

It happened first in 2008. However, the same year, young Thomas was sent to Bayern II to get more practice. With 16 goals in 35 games, he impressed the coaches of the main squad, so since 2009, Muller was the part of the main team.

Early start with incredible success

The success story of Muller is the combination of his success on all levels. Thus, after only a season in the youth Munich academy, the youngster got a call from the Bundesteam. The season 2009-2010 became a breakthrough for a still 20-year-old attacker. Thus, he won a German local double for his club, while the Munich club also participated in the Champions League final but lost to Internazionale.

While it looked like a great achievement for the attacking youngster, his achievements in the national team jersey was even greater. At the WC 2010 in South Africa, Germany played the maximum possible matches but should be satisfied with the third place. In the semis, they lost to future champions Spain while beating strong Argentina and England in the previous rounds confidently (4:0 and 4:1, respectively). During the tournament, Muller scored five goals and made three assists, becoming the best young player of the event and winning a Golden Boot of the competition.

Stable performances and recognition as Raumdauter

The further career success of Radio Muller goes in parallel – both Bundesteam and Bayern gained best results almost simultaneously. The first big win except for local German tournaments, was the victory in the best club competition on the continent – Champions League in 2013, when the Munich club beat Borussia Dortmund in the final game.

In a year, Muller flew to Brazil as a key player in the national squad for the World Cup 2014. Being one of the favourites, the Germans easily passed the group stage and confidently went through the playoffs, beating the hosting Brazil 7:1 in the semifinals in front of the home crowd. The first goal was scored by Muller in the 11th minute. In the final game, Germany overcame Argentina in the extra time thanks to a goal by a future partner of Thomas in Bayern – Mario Gotze. By the way, if you are a die-hard fan and bet on sports, we recommend you to visit the football betting sites in India and benefit from one of the trusted bookmakers.

The arrival of the latter in the Munich club with Robert Lewandowski should doubt the future of Muller in the native club. There were even rumours that Thomas could leave Bayern and join Manchester United. However, he stayed and showed that he could be productive under the coaching of diverse specialists and with different partners on the pitch. Thus, Muller worked with Louis Van Gaal, Jupp Heynckes, Josep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Niko Kovac, Hansi Flick, and Julian Nagelsmann, and every coach used Thomas’ talent on the attacking side. Among the latest great achievements was another UCL title in 2020 and a record in terms of assists in the national championship the same year (21 assists, joint-best result with Messi).

Net worth and playstyle

The net worth of the German 1.85-metres striker, who has 136 goals in 410 games for Munich club, is around 30 million dollars. Thus, some sources persuade about $22 million, while others talk about $35 million of net worth. Muller’s salary is about 12-15 million dollars annually. However, that is not the only source of his earnings. Thus, with 43 goals in 112 games for the Bundesteam, he is extremely popular in his country and has endorsements of tenth of millions of dollars. With a luxury car collection, the real net worth of Thomas can be $50+ million.

The playstyle of the iconic Raumdauter is pretty tough to explain for an unprepared reader. Thus, that is not a static position on the pitch but an ability to find free space in the defensive construction of opponents. Thus, Muller can appear in his own midfield, on the wing, or as the main striker. It gives an advantage to his partners, who can temporarily take another position on the field and surprise the opponents. Although Thomas is not gracious with his movements, he is a pretty technical player that can score with both feet or his head, like giving an elegant assist to his partner. Muller is also among the most hard-working attackers in modern football, who is ready to press opponents and make as many “runnings” as needed for the overall success. All these facts make him one of the most stable and popular German footballers in global history.