Top 5 Countries Likely To Win the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is the international competition being contested by the women’s national teams of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA members. The Women’s World Cup was inaugurated in 1991 and is held every four years and a year after the men’s edition – FIFA World Cup.

The inaugural FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991 was held in China. It was still known as the FIFA Women’s World Championship. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is the ninth edition. Australia and New Zealand jointly host it, the first time that more than one nation has hosted this prestigious tournament, and is taking place from July 20 up to August 20, 2023. 

Based on the tournament’s current format, 32 national teams will join the fray. FIFA members will compete in various sporting events in a three-year qualification phase in their respective regions to get one of the 31 slots for the World Cup. The 32nd spot will automatically be given to the host nation’s national team. 

Four national teams have won the previous eight FIFA Women’s World Cup. The United States has won the most – four. They’re also the reigning champions, previously winning the 2019 tournament in France. Closely following them is Germany, who won two World Cups – 2003 and 2007. Japan and Norway also won one World Cup in 2011 and 1995, respectively.

With the ongoing 2023 Women’s World Cup, let’s look at the five favored national teams to win it all.


United States

There’s no question why the United States Women’s National Team is the squad favored to win the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. They’re the most recent champion, having won the 2019 edition of the tournament. They also boast a very strong team of the world’s most elite women soccer athletes.

Pundits and experts place their odds of winning another FIFA Women’s World Cup Championship at +240. This is, in fact, an improvement of their previous prediction of +275 after the team decisively won their first game against Vietnam 3-0 last July 22.

The United States Women’s National Team will face the Dutch team on July 27 at the Wellington Regional Stadium. After that match, the US will face off with Portugal on August 1 at Eden Park, Auckland.

This is the reason why US bettors are now switching from Basketball betting to Soccer betting, especially after the recently concluded NBA Championships. The United States Women’s National Team is again looking to dominate and sweep the competition in this 2023 edition.


England is currently ranked fourth in the FIFA women’s world rankings, but the English Women’s National Team has the third-best chance at winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Their betting odds right now is at +600, a slight decrease from their +430 betting odds at the start of the tournament.

However, the Lionesses are still looking to make quite a noise in the tournament after winning their first against Haiti 1-0 last July 22. Their next match-up in Group D will be on July 28 against the undefeated Denmark. This face-off will indeed be seen as a battle of the royals, given that both nations share a long history of having monarchies. 

The last team, the English Women’s National Team, will face China. They’re slated to meet on August 1 at the Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide. 


With the English team falling behind in the betting odds, pundits and experts agree that the Spanish Women’s National Team is making a move in the odds list. La Roja is now the second betting favorite at +320. They started the tournament at +550.

After Spain’s 3-0 win over Costa in their maiden match in the 2023 Women’s World Cup last July 21, La Roja is now seen by many spectators as a potential threat to the United States’ repeat bid. The team then crushed Zambia 5-0 during their July 26 match.

The Spanish Women’s National Team of Group C has now advanced to the tournament’s knockout stage. La Roja, together with Japan, was the first team to have reached the tournament’s next stage.

Moreover, European bettors are also enthusiastic about this prospect. A European team has already secured its spot at the knockout stage. They will still have a team to support and bet on moving forward.


Germany’s betting odds at the start of the 2023 Women’s World Cup was +700. It has remained at +700 as it was placed in Group H, a group composed of teams outside the top 15 in world rankings. Its decisive 6-0 win over Morocco last July 24 didn’t make a huge impact, given that other teams significantly moved to the odds list.

Still, the 2003 and 2007 World Cup champion is fighting to keep its bid for a third title alive. The German Women’s National Team will meet Colombia on July 30 and South Korea on August 3. 


The current betting odds of France is at +1400. At the start of the tournament, it was at +900, making it the team with the best chance of winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The team’s betting odds took a hit when it had a draw match with Jamaica last July 23.

The French Women’s National Team looks to improve its standing in Group F and advance to the knockout stage. Their next match will be on July 29 against Brazil in Lang Park, Brisbane. After that match, they will face Panama on August 2 at the Sydney Football Stadium.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is almost halfway finished. Many of the early favorites hold their own quite well and perform well in the tournament. Still, surprises can happen as there is still a lot of time remaining. 

Bettors worldwide are now very busy placing their bets on their favored teams. Numerous matches have resulted in what the pundits have earlier predicted. However, we’ll have to wait until August 20 to confirm who among the 32 teams competing truly will win the prize money totaling $10,500,000 and win the 2023 Women’s World Cup.