Which Soccer Leagues Offer the Best odds For Online Betting?

Nowadays, millions of people from different parts of the world bet on soccer because the sport allows them to access loads of markets. Furthermore, the odds are usually really good, at least for most online bookmakers.

Speaking of the devil, soccer betting sites are different because companies like betano are more sought-after than others. The latter is a world-class iGaming site where soccer bettors can find a wide range of features, tons of markets, and some of the best odds. Of course, the odds depend on a lot of things, including the soccer league that people punt on. That’s why this article will go over some of the leagues and competitions in soccer that will give bettors access to higher odds.


English Premier League

Premier League

UEFA recently announced its soccer league rankings for 2023, and it became clear that the English Premier League is number 1 in the world. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because some of the world’s best teams are there.

Considering that the EPL is number 1, people who decide to bet on this league will have access to higher odds than usual, at least for most markets. Of course, it all depends on the selection because some matches will always have better odds for certain markets.

Generally speaking, those looking for the highest odds will try to bet on some of the riskier markets, such as Correct Score or the Handicaps. Although they may offer higher odds, they’re also more difficult to predict, so people have to be careful.



Following the recent rank adjustments, the Bundesliga is the third most prestigious soccer league in Europe. Needless to say, this makes it incredibly attractive for soccer fans worldwide, including those who want to bet on the sport.

Everyone knows Bayern Munich is in a league of its own here, but this is not the case for the rest. That’s one of the big reasons why so many people choose to bet on this league – the odds for all markets where the team from Munich is not playing are high.

Of course, the odds depend on a lot of things, including the operator. Betano is among the sites that offer high odds for soccer betting, but other online bookmakers are usually not like that.

La Liga

La Liga

In addition to the EPL, La Liga is one of the popular options people bet on because Barcelona and Real Madrid are among the fan-favorite soccer clubs. Unsurprisingly, they attract a lot of bettors from different parts of the world.

Although betting on these two clubs is popular, it is worth knowing that the odds for them won’t be that high. As you can imagine, they’re always the favorites, so the odds are not that high unless they’re playing against each other. That’s one of the reasons why some soccer fans prefer wagering on different clubs from Spain’s premier football league.

Champions League

Champions League

Aside from the competition in each of the European countries, many people who want to bet on soccer often choose some of the international championships. Unsurprisingly, the Champions League is the first name that comes to mind because it includes Europe’s most prestigious soccer teams. 

When you have the best of the best in a single league, you can expect to find tons of interesting markets to choose from. Not all of them have high odds, but even the classic options, such as 1×2 or Over/Under, usually have better odds than the rest.

An important thing you have to remember is that platforms like Betano will allow you to bet on all UCL matches. However, not all of them are worth it because some teams won’t allow you to access high odds. So, always check what’s available before that.