Who Are The Best EPL Teams in the 2022/2023 Season?

The first two rounds of the 2022/2023 EPL season are now complete! Some teams have excelled (Arsenal), while other squads have been an embarrassment (Man Utd). Let’s look at which teams are most likely to win the EPL. Also, if you are looking for the best soccer odds 1×2 for the next EPL, head to 100betz.


1. Man City

It looks like Man City will win another title. They just have way too many good players across the pitch. And now they have added one of the best strikers in the world, Erling Haaland, so how can anyone stop them?

We expect Man City to win the EPL 2022/2023 pretty easily. We don’t think Liverpool will have a good season, and Chelsea will be a number of points behind the sky blues. If Haaland is as good as experts think, and Kevin de Bruyne and Foden have a good season, then expect Man City to win nearly every game!

2. Chelsea

Chelsea is good every season, and this year is no different. With the added firepower thanks to Raheem Sterling, we expect Chelsea to push Man City this season. If they are able to sign French striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, they should have enough scoring ability to beat other top teams in the EPL.

3. Arsenal

A big surprise of the EPL season is just how well Arsenal is playing. Arsenal may have made the signing of the year by picking up Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus. They also picked up Zinchenko, who has sured up their defense.

It will be difficult for Arsenal to keep up with Man City, but we think they have enough talent to beat out Tottenham for a top 4 spot and even push Chelsea. 

Wrapping Up

Let’s face it, Man City has too much talent for the rest of the EPL teams. We expect them to easily win another league title. We have made a slightly radical pick and not included Liverpool in our top 3 teams. Sorry, Liverpool fans, but we don’t think the reds will have a good season, especially with Sadio Mane leaving.