Why Is It Unprofitable For Football Clubs To Support GamStop?

In order to meet the problems emerging due to gambling addiction the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (a government body handling issues and solving disputes related to gambling) supported the foundation of a self-exclusion program called GamStop. It is an independently operated scheme allowing free services to the citizens of the UK. Once registered under the scheme a user is detained from every gambling site registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and by no means can this ban be uplifted before maturation of the voluntarily chosen period of exclusion. While registration one can choose according to necessity and severity of the situation, the exclusion period, in order to keep the sites at bay. The span usually varies from six months up to five years which is even further extendable. Considering the growing scale of problematic gambling this step is considered as an initiative taken for the sake of public welfare.  

We know marketing is an essential part of launching a product to meet its full potential. Hence, GamStop has taken certain steps to spread the words of caution against problematic gambling with the help of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. According to the revised rules of UKGC, every operator has to comply with the activities of GamStop , or else their licenses would be terminated.

However, there are hundreds of sports betting sites not on GamStop on NonGamStopBets which work without these restrictions and are ready to provide services to all the UK punters. This compulsory partnership helped GameStop publicize itself. The motivation of the program is to not just create awareness but make people utilize the scheme in order to get over their vices. 

How FootBall Clubs Suffer Loses without Gambling Sponsors?

When leading football clubs decide to abide by the rules of Gamstop, they are bound by principles that promote responsible gambling. Hence the huge revenue that comes in from top-tier gambling sponsors is lost. 

  • Football kits and merchandise that get gambling sponsors: From jerseys to sports gears to banners and Ads, logos of leading Gambling providers and Casinos are seen all throughout. Ideally, clubs such as Derby County, Sunderland AFC, Middlesbrough, etc had to replace these logos with non-gambling alternatives, leading to huge losses.
  • Decreased Appel and Loss of Viewers: Gambling logos and sponsors often influence a major percentage of young football viewers. Many of the viewers watch football to get more acquainted with leading gambling brands and providers. Football clubs supporting Gamstop often lose a percentage of a viewer when they stop promoting gambling sites and providers.
  • Struggle to find alternate Sponsors: With major gambling sponsors walking away, football clubs are confronted with a mammoth job to find out equally lucrative alternative sponsors. This requires effort, time, and contacts which is an overhead. The monetary investment that goes into finding these alternatives cuts into the annual budget. And the chances of a major sponsor that balances off the gambling bandwagon are usually less.
  • Losing Out on Social Media Revenue: Football clubs use various social media channels to promote Football and Gambling. These are done through video games, pop-up Ads, viral videos, contests, etc. Forums such as “Gambling with Lives” and “Big Step” are collaborating to improve the relationship between Football and Gambling. Football clubs under Gamstop are under the pressure to minimize their emphasis on gambling and help these public awareness forums. In the process, these clubs lose out on social revenue and marketing credibility. 
  • Endorsements and Brand Ambassadors: Football players are incredibly popular. This is a key reason many top players often endorse gambling companies, games, casinos, and related markets. Youngsters and immature viewers often link Gambling with football since these brand ambassadors add a certain blend of credibility to the gambling brand. People are therefore lured into investing more into gambling games and betting opportunities. When clubs and football associations support Gamstop, the players associated with these clubs usually stop endorsing casino and gambling products. Which directly impacts the player’s endorsement incomes and the football club’s percentage share in that earning. 

Concluding Thoughts

Football being an expensive sport requires major sponsors to support their operations. Clubs supporting Gamstop, therefore, face the heat, when they decide to shut doors to gambling sponsors. 

The range of athletes under the purview of the Professional Players Federation, including the Professional Footballers Association (BFA) has been frontrunners when it comes to supporting GamStop. Since the inception of GamStop, popular clubs such as Luton Town Football Club and Middlesbrough Football Club have been the flag bearers of the GamStop program which aims at helping problem gamblers. The players associated with these reputed clubs voluntarily avoid being associated with high-paying gambling endorsements. Of course, this is unprofitable. Yet, an informed decision such a this helps the public fight the perils associated with addictive gambling.