World Cup 2022: Why One Team Is Still Missing And What We Can Expect

World Cup 2022 will be staged in Qatar between November and December, making it the first competition to be held in the Arab World and the first not to be played during the summer months. The move from June to November was agreed to help the tournament pass in the safest way possible for everyone involved, from the players to the fans. The searing temperatures recorded in Qatar during the height of summer would make playing football life-threatening and watching football very dangerous indeed. FIFA agreed to the later than usual schedule, and all teams involved were happy to accommodate.

The World Cup is the single biggest, most high profile football competition on the planet. It’s also the sporting event that attracts most viewers, with millions tuning into the games before those figures soar for the final. The number of fans watching the World Cup final dwarfs even that of the Super Bowl. This is a huge event, and everyone with an interest in the sport, from the avid fans who reside on planet football to the casual followers who only show interest during the main events.

This is reflected in the coverage shown by the most famous sportsbooks, with the latest Betonline review showing traders are already offering odds on the winner of World Cup 2022 and accepting bets. In addition to the outright betting market, where you are challenged with correctly predicting the eventual champion, there are also several specials. The most popular of these type of bets include top goalscorer, player of the tournament, group winners, stage of elimination and young player of the tournament. There’s plenty to get stuck into and more than enough available to give you an interest throughout the play.

If you look at the draw for the various groups, you will see the USA have been dropped into a section with England and Iran, with one team still to qualify.

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We’re are almost ready

We are all set for Qatar 2022, almost. If you look at the draw for the various groups, you will see the USA have been dropped into a section with England and Iran, with one team still to qualify. Every other group has a maximum of four teams confirmed, so what is the hold up here and which teams are in the running to make it to the World Cup? The delay in deciding on the fourth team in the group is down to the ongoing way in Ukraine in response to the Russian invasion earlier this year.

The Ukrainian national team are one of three in the running to fill that one remaining spot at the World Cup, with two teams from the United Kingdom also in contention. At present, Scotland will play Ukraine in a playoff at Hampden in Glasgow when the visiting team are able to field a strong enough side. The problem at present is that there is no professional football being played in Ukraine, while many first-team regulars have chosen to sign up for the army and help defend their land.

When Scotland and Ukraine finally do settle the score, the winner of that match will meet Wales in a playoff final that will take place at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. The Welsh dragons have already come through their playoff semi-final and lie in wait. They will enjoy the home advantage when that game is played, but they too are playing the waiting game just like the rest of football. They must remain patient, stay sharp and be ready for whichever opponent arrives in Cardiff.

Brazil are favourites

Only after the playoff final will we have the complete lineup for the World Cup. The USA, England and Iran will share a group with either Wales, Scotland or Ukraine, and then battle lines will be drawn. The team that finishes top of the group will automatically progress to the knockout stages, where they’ll be joined by the runners up. England are the betting favourites to secure pole position in the set, but the likes of the USA and either of those three teams in the playoffs will fancy their chances of finishing second.

Which nation will win the World Cup 2022? That remains anyone’s guess at this stage, but the early betting is supporting Brazil, who have been picked out as the favourites ahead of the likes of France, England and Argentina.