What Is A Panenka Penalty?

Panenka Penalty

Penalty kicks are one of soccer’s most debated talking points. This simple shot from twelve-yards has always been the source of much excitement for a winning team and the stuff of nightmares for the loser. The mind games behind taking a penalty are often complex. Players must consider the placement, height and pace of their … Read more

What Is Beach Soccer?

Beach Soccer

The beauty of soccer is that you can play it almost anywhere.  On the concrete streets, in a sodden field or even indoors, the overall accessibility of this globally loved sport only adds to its universal popularity. To get started all you need is a ball of some kind, an appropriate space and some objects … Read more

What Is A Nutmeg In Soccer?

nutmeg in soccer

In many ways soccer is a simple game. Twenty-two men or women vying for possession of a size five ball, preventing it from entering their own team’s net, whilst attempting to score in the opponent’s goal as many times as they can.  Yet what makes soccer beloved is its complexities, with players doing something unexpected … Read more

Top 10 Best Soccer Referees Of All Time

Top 10 Best Soccer Referees Of All Time

Referees hold undoubtedly one of the most important roles in soccer.  A ‘ref’ is crucial in controlling the overall running of any game whilst ensuring rules or regulations are followed by both players and managers alike. Rightly or wrongly, there continues to be varying levels of quality in refereeing across the sport as a whole. … Read more

Most Watched Soccer Matches On TV In The World Ever

most watched soccer matches on tv

Soccer is experiencing an astronomical rise in popularity, countries and cultures who have historically favoured other sports or previously shown little interest, now obsessed with the planet’s most watched game. Viewing habits have changed beyond recognition with less reliance on traditional TV and an ever increasing number of supporters choosing to access soccer via online … Read more

Top 10 Highest Soccer Attendance Records In The World Ever

Highest Soccer Attendance Records

Statistically, Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans across seven continents. The global game is indisputably important to its worldwide audience with significant numbers of supporters passionate about watching their teams live. Clubs are eager to accommodate adoring fan bases, typically spending multi-million pound sums on stadium … Read more

What Is A Cap In Soccer?

What is a soccer cap

Rank: Player: Nation: Confederation: Caps: First Cap: Last Cap: 1 Bade Al-Mutawa Kuwait AFC 196 4 September 2003 14 June 2022 2 Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal UEFA 196 20 August 2003 10 December 2022 3 Soh Chin Ann Malaysia AFC 195 19 November 1969 18 October 1984 4 Ahmed Hassan Egypt CAF 184 29 December 1995 … Read more

What Was The Golden Goal Rule?

Golden Goal Rule

Rule changes in football are nothing new. In fact, they are commonplace. Whether it be a minor alteration to existing regulations which often go unnoticed or more significant adaptations that directly impact players along with managers and fans alike. The early 1990’s and Football’s governing body FIFA had fashioned a new regulation that would eventually … Read more