Digital Image of Soccer Ball with Wings

Soccer Ball Clip Art

Soccer is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the world.

Just about every country plays it with over 250 million players worldwide. Nielson’s World Football Report learned that more than four out of 10 people around the world consider themselves soccer fans. Events such as the FIFA World Cup regularly draw billions of fans in viewership.

And of course, the soccer ball is symbolic of the beautiful game. So it’s not a surprise to see plenty of soccer ball clip art present around the world wide web. Freely available to use, unless you know how to draw a soccer ball by hand!

The most common clip art will naturally be of a soccer ball. The basic soccer ball pattern will be present, but given the various designs of soccer balls today, you can expect clip art with plenty of different patterns as well.

There are also many other variations of soccer ball clip art including personifying the ball by giving it eyes and a mouth as well as arms and legs. There is also clip art featuring club logos and emblems that have a soccer ball prominent in them.

Some clip art features the globe displayed on soccer balls — symbolizing it as a global game — while others have a trail of flames behind a ball in motion.

But it doesn’t just have to feature a soccer ball alone. You can also have boys and girls, men and women all included in the clip art kicking, passing or juggling the ball.

You can also find clip art including the goal posts as well as the pitch and arena. The possibilities are endless when it comes to soccer ball clip art.

Here are some examples of soccer ball clip art:

soccer ball cartoon soccer ball clip art
player kicking ball soccer ball clip art
child kicking ball soccer ball clip art
ball hitting net soccer ball clip art
ball with wings soccer ball clip art
ball in center circle soccer ball clip art

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