5 Greatest Soccer Matches In History

Soccer stadium

There’s no doubt that football is by far the most loved and most popular sport in the world.  Millions of people follow and watch football matches every single day, which means that the crowd goes wild about their favorite leagues and teams. According to the report, the game of football regularly attracts over 3.5 billion … Read more

5 Stars To Shine At This Year’s World Cup

Qatar 2022

If you love soccer then the World Cup is something you look forward to all the time.  We find ourselves watching the World Cup and then the morning after the final starting to look forward to the next one. You can find the best soccer odds for the 2022 competition here.  Many people love the … Read more

What is Double Chance in Soccer Betting?

how long does a soccer game last

The 2022 soccer calendar has been exciting this year. The Champions League had an exciting finish, punctuated by an intense final match between Liverpool of the Premier League and Real Madrid of La Liga. Real goalkeeper Thibault Courtois made some tremendous saves against an aggressive Liverpool team who could just not find the back of … Read more

The Surprise Packages From The Last Three FIFA World Cups

Qatar World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is right around the corner, and could excitement really be any higher? Thanks to the soaring summer temperatures in the Arab Gulf State – which can reach upwards of 40 degrees throughout the months of June and July – we will now be treated to our first ever … Read more

Why Is Soccer Such a Popular Sport?

Why is soccer popular?

When talking about soccer, it seems like everyone and their mother is into this sport – and that’s because they are. Soccer is actually one of – if not – the most popular sports in the world, with billions of fans across the globe. Aside from being a great source of entertainment, soccer also offers … Read more

Kazakhstan Premier League Predictions

Kazakhstan Premier League Season

Check out the best Kazakhstan Premier League predictions from experts Kazakhs may be huge ice hockey lovers, but no sport is more popular than football in the country. Every match day, fans tune in to see their favorite teams walk out on the pitch to tackle opposition sides. In short, football is life in Kazakhstan. … Read more

Top 5 FIFA World Cup Moments Of All Time

World cup moments

While in the U.S. we love Football, the rest of the world may not share our love so much. However, what the world does love is Soccer, in fact it is considered to be the number 1 sport in the world.  It has fans in every corner of the globe and is one of the … Read more