A New League, Same Magic: Messi’s MLS Adventures with Inter Miami

Messi's MLS Adventures with Inter Miami

Lionel Messi, a name synonymous with football magic, has embarked on a new journey in hisillustrious career. Leaving behind the European leagues, Messi has ventured into Major LeagueSoccer (MLS) with Inter Miami, and to no one’s surprise, has dominated the nets, helping histeam win the League Cup. This article delves into Messi’s transition and his … Read more

Which Soccer Leagues Offer the Best odds For Online Betting?

Premier League

Nowadays, millions of people from different parts of the world bet on soccer because the sport allows them to access loads of markets. Furthermore, the odds are usually really good, at least for most online bookmakers. Speaking of the devil, soccer betting sites are different because companies like betano are more sought-after than others. The … Read more

Correct Score in Betting on Soccer – What to Expect

Correct Score in Betting on Soccer

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport in terms of the number of people interested in it. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people also bet on it because all online bookmakers offer it. When it comes down to betting on soccer, people can look at the correct score predictions, … Read more

Official World Cup 1974 Durlast Soccer Ball

Two adidas match balls were used for Germany ‘74. Telstar made a repeat appearance with new black branding replacing the previously gold branding. Adidas introduced a new all-white version named Adidas Chile (after an all-white ball used at Chile 62). The materials and techniques used in the Telstar and Chile were identical to those used … Read more

Official World Cup Telstar Match Soccer Ball

The above picture was provided by Sebastiano Calì from Italy. Thanks! The above Telstar ball (that was made in France) picture was provided by Jacques Barralon The Adidas Telstar was named after the Telstar satellite. The ball was completely made of leather like all other balls in its time; however, unlike any other ball, it featured 32 hand-stitched … Read more