fastest soccer players

Fastest Soccer players

Who is the fastest soccer player in the world is a question which is asked and debated from playgrounds to soccer fields and bars the world over. To an extent the question is a bit subjective as for instance one player may have an overall average high speed per match whereby another player may maintain a higher average sprint speed per match. However what most fans look at or want to know is who has actually been clocked at running at the fastest speed at any point in any game. So this article will look at that metric so far for 2022.

Number 10: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Kyle Walker, 35.22 Kph / 21.89 Mph 

Manchester City and England ‘wingback’ or third man center back (right side) Kyle Walker is regarded as one of the fastest players in the English Premier League. At 31 years of age Kyle has clocked some of the fastest speeds in premier league history and provides raw pace to City’s defense helping them snuff out and nullify the attacks and counter attacks of other teams. Having a speedster such as Kyle who seemingly cannot be beaten when it comes to a ‘foot race’ is one of the reasons Manchester City have been dominant in recent years. Kyle simply ‘mops up’ any through balls or can deal with the pace of players like Mo Salah at Liverpool, which is something some teams simply cannot. Moreover, while it is not always vital to have one defender with such pace it is often vital to a championship winning side. The fans similarly appreciate it too with a famous Manchester City fans chant ‘You’ll never beat Kyle Walker’ frequently heard ringing round the emirates.

Trivia: The first statistic he and teammate Raheem Sterling look at after the match is their ‘top speed’. Sadly for Raheem however, he is not quick enough to get into this year’s top 10.

Number 9: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Karim Bellarabi, 35.37 Kph / 21.98 Mph 

As a winger it is useful to have a bit of pace and Bundesliga, Bayer Laverkusen star  Karim Bellarabi has it in spades. At 31 years of age (and in his prime) Karim is one of the fastest soccer players in the world when it comes to the attacking aspect of the game. 

In addition to his pace Karim’s agility, and acceleration, are also world-class. Given Karim can play anywhere across the front line much of Bayer’s recent success has been attributed to this versatile German international.

Trivia: Standing at 1.84 meters tall, it’s not difficult to see where he gets all that speed from.

Number 8: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 35.37 Kph / 22.09 Mph

Yet another player who honed his trailblazing speed in the German Bundesliga (where speed is key) with Borussia Dortmund, before exhibiting it at Arsenal prior to just recently seeing it catch the eye of (and signing for) Barcelona is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

A lethal attacker particularly in ‘one on one’ situations Aubameyang uses his 1.87 meter frame and long legs to devastating effect, often mounting counter attacks on his own and leaving a trail of defenders in his wake.

Indeed an Aubameyang in full flight is a true spectacle to behold. Possessing electric pace and a clinical eye for goal Aubameyang though a little off form at the moment is considered one of the fastest soccer players in the world. Moreover, Aubaymeyang’s quick and agile movements off the ball make him difficult to mark and this along with his ability to arrive at that the right time and place see him rated as one of the best strikers in the world. Then again – not many get transferred to Barcelona unless they are!

Trivia: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is of Gabonese descent and is the Captain of their national side.

Number 7: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Inaki Williams, 35.61 Kph/ 22.13 Mph 

A Spanish professional of Ghanian origin Inaki Williams has shown himself one of the fastest soccer players in La Liga for Athletic Bilbao with remarkable consistency. He has been ever present for Bilbao for the last 7 seasons including a record 200 consecutive appearances.

Another giant at 1.86 meters tall Williams has been said to have spent considerable time during these seasons in the gym, which has helped improve his physique and thereby his pace and strength on the ball. As such Williams has become an important target man who holds off defenders to bring his teammates into play or alternatively creates problems by turning and driving into the box which often earns his team set plays. The result of his contribution – the 27 year old helped his club to their Supercopa de Espana title last season.

Trivia: Though Williams has represented the Spanish national side in 1 friendly match in 2016 he has not played competitively for them. Therefore, although he is not tied to Spain, he has humbly declined to represent Ghana as he wasn’t born or raised there (his parents were) as he feels he would be taking the place “of someone who really deserves to go and feels Ghana 100%.” A nice article giving background to which can be found here.

Number 6: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Erling Haaland, 36.03 Kph/ 22.39 Mph 

Currently the most sought after transfer target in world soccer Borussia Dortmund wonder kid Erling Haaland is also one of the fastest soccer players in the world.

Only 21 years of age but a towering 1.94 meters tall Haaland has been devastating defenses in the Bundesliga since becoming only the second player in Dortmund history to score three goals on his debut.

With his height, pace and robust build, Haaland is an absolute nightmare for defenders to deal with and your classic ‘number 9’ that can do it all. Nicknamed ‘The Terminator’ by the Dortmund fans it is almost ‘nailed on’ that this goal scoring prodigy will be terrorizing defenses in either La Liga or the English Premier League come this summer. Barca, Madrid, City and Chelsea all already recognized would be suitors.

Take a look at Haaland’s phenomenal all round abilities here:

Trivia: During the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup, Haaland scored a record nine goals in a single game

Number 5: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Kylian Mbappe, 36.08 Kph/ 22.42 Mph 

To say Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain is one of the fastest soccer players on the planet is correct. His acceleration is explosive and his top speed ranks as one of the very best in the sport. To say him being one of the fastest soccer players on the planet is the reason why he is one of the best players on the planet however is a falsehood.

Just 22 years old and standing at 1.78 meters tall this precocious talent has caused headaches for every world-class defense in Europe. Noted for his strength and versatility in attack, the Frenchman is simply ‘a world-class soccer player’. Highly skillful and creative on the ball, he also possesses that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ or that moment of magic that can turn a game on its head.

A winner of the World Cup aged just 19 and already the highest goal scorer in La Ligue (French Division 1) for three consecutive seasons, the boy is a man with the world at his feet. Mbappe is the poster boy for the future superstars of soccer.

Take a look to see what I mean.

Trivia: It probably doesn’t hurt that at PSG he has Di Maria, Neymar and Messi helping him. But then again given earlier in the season he put in a transfer request it probably doesn’t matter to him either! He’s that good.

Number 4: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Marcus Rashford (MBE), 36.29 Kph / 22.55 Mph

Manchester United winger Marcus Rashford these days is known for many things both on and off the pitch. On the pitch he is associated with extravagant skills and step-overs yet he does not strike the viewer as being blistering quick or one of the fastest soccer players in the game, as opposed to our previous two entrants. However, they say the statistics don’t lie and when United released their statistics for the last season it was Rashford who topped the charts having clocked up a whopping 36.29 Kph against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. 

Though a player of great ability the 23 year old Rashford’s speed on the field has not however transferred into the potential highlights that it should have done down the right side of the pitch for United.

Some blame the 23-year-old English ace’s noble and headline making charity work off the pitch for this. Indeed the wish from United fans is that; that drive and passion that led to a massively successful campaign against child hunger in the UK (which earned him an MBE) could now be channeled down their right channel in order to make him and United equally successful on the pitch.

A player with all the talents to do just that – it remains to be seen whether he will indeed convert his undoubted abilities as a footballer accordingly. With 20 goals in 37 Premier league games last season it is certainly possible.


A Manchester United player from the age of seven, Rashford scored two goals on both his first-team debut in the UEFA Europa League and his Premier League debut against Arsenal three days later. Rashford also scored in his first Manchester derby, EFL Cup and UEFA Champions League debuts. Moreover, Rashford even scored on his England debut in May 2016, becoming the youngest English player to score in his first senior international match. Quite some pedigree for one of the games fastest soccer players.

Number 3: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Adama Traore, 36.38 Kph / 22.61 Mph

Wolverhampton Wanderers are not one of the biggest clubs in the world, but until the recent January transfer window they had an absolute rocket of a player who was classed as the fastest soccer player in the Premier League and one of the top 3 in the world.

Adama Traore with his muscular and powerful build; bully, barged and bulleted his way though Premier League defenses with scant regard for reputation. Much shorter than a lot of other speedsters mentioned, Traore possessed a low center of gravity, which made him difficult to knock of the ball. This coupled with a rapid acceleration, excellent close control and supreme confidence in his abilities made him difficult for any side to cope with – particular as it was a trait of his to turn up anywhere in his own half and before you know it, he was in your penalty area causing havoc.

His gift of remaining largely injury free, along with a showcase of talent and skill always marked him out as someone that could truly operate at a world class level.

Outstanding displays against top sides saw to it that this fastest of English Premier League soccer players has been taken on loan by Barcelona untll the end of the season with an option to buy.

Trivia: Adama Traore is a Spanish international who actually started his career with Barcelona in their youth team set up at the age of 8.

Number 2: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Acraf Hakimi, 36.48 Kph / 22.67 Mph

When Paris Saint-Germain snatched this Moroccan speedster from the clutches of Italian giants Inter Milan, it was quite easy to see the reason they did so. Achraf Hakimi had become a quality addition to Inter’s ranks, fitting well into then manager Antonio Conte’s counter-attacking style of play, especially given he was officially the second fastest man in soccer. 

Scoring six goals from right back in the 2020/1 season didn’t do his reputation any further harm and it was no surprise therefore when PSG opened the cheque books and paid 60 million Euros for him in July 2021. Already establishing himself as one of the best right (wing) backs in the world with his dynamism down the right flank in an attacking sense, his 1.81 meters also helps with his defensive duties and contributes to making him a fixture in a team of superstars.

Trivia: Acraf Hakimi has been a consistent player for the Moroccan national soccer side since representing them in the 2018 World Cup.

Number 1: Top 10 Fastest Soccer players:

Alphonso Davies, 36.51 Kph / 22.69 Mph

So we have it, the fastest player in soccer – Mr Alphonso Davies, Canadian professional soccer star of Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. The fastest player in soccer – yes, but by all accounts some player also!

Indeed by the age of 19, Mr Davies had already won the biggest prize in European football – The Champions League after catching the eye of Bayern, whilst first playing his club football for the Vancouver Whitecaps in Major League Soccer in the US.

A transfer ensued and Alphonso Davies went about immediately making the left wing back position his own, with the not too easy task of having to push the much respected David Alaba (currently of Real Madrid) from the left side of defense into the center.

Blessed with unparalleled speed, which helps get him up and down the pitch, Alphonso Davies is known as a good crosser of the ball and someone who has the ability to affect the game in the final third of the pitch. Known as the ‘The Roadrunner’ to his teammates at only 20 years of age and 1.83 meters tall, how much faster and better this fastest of soccer players can eventually run is uncertain.

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