Fracus UEFA EURO 2016 Match Ball Knock Out Stage

Ball design captures the excitement and drama of knock-out football- – The name Fracas translates to ‘clamour’ in French -Fracas name chosen by Parisian influencers as Adidas celebrates open source- Paris, 20th June – Today Adidas launched Fracas, the Official Match Ball of the UEFA EURO 2016TM knock-out phase and the ball that will be used during the … Read more

Tango 12 UEFA EURO 2012 Match Ball

Adidas Presents The Official Match Ball For The UEFA EURO 2012TM– Inspired by the iconic Tango design and made for today’s game –  The ball was unveiled on stage during the UEFA EURO 2012™ finals draw by former Ukrainian Olympic pole vaulter Sergey Bubka.  Adidas Tango 12: Inspired by the classic Tango design Based on … Read more

European Championship 2000 Tournament Ball Terrestra

The Adidas Equipment Terrestra Silverstream The title and design of this particularly futuristic looking ball were dedicated to the rivers of the host countries, (Belgium and Holland) to which they owe their prosperity via trading routes and transportation of goods. The locals nicknamed these waterways “silver streams” due to the way their surfaces sparkle brightly … Read more

1992 Official Ball of the European Championships – Etrvsco Unico

The official ball for the 1992 European Championships was the Etrvsco Unico the same ball used in the Italy, 1990 World Cup. The only difference is a panel on the ball indicating “Official World Cup 1990/ Official 1992 Euro Championship”.

1988 Official Ball of the European Championships – Tango Europa

Above Pictures Provided By Reg Wong, Thanks! The above picture is another version with an UEFA Logo and made in France Picture provided by D. Duinkerken – Thanks! Above two pictures with original box provided by Jacques Barralon

1972 Official Ball of the European Championships – Telstar

Above picture provided by Jacques Barralon Featured new polyurethane coating and Durlast technology which increased the water resistance of the leather ball. The Telstar Durlast with graphics was not used in the 1970 World Cup matches in Mexico. It was used in the 1972 European Championships.

Roteiro UEFA EURO 2004 Match Ball

Adidas Roteiro Official Match Ball of UEFA EURO 2004 Adidas Press Release Tuesday, June 8, 2004 , Herzogenaurach,  Personalized Match Balls for Every UEFA EURO 2004 TM Match  In what is a first for a major football tournament, every single match ball at UEFA EURO 2004 will be specifically personalized to each individual game. The Adidas Roteiro™ … Read more