How Long Does A Soccer Game Last?

Goalkeeper in Goal Green Grass Cloudy Sky

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. With almost 200 countries playing this sport, soccer is notably more popular globally compared to other ball sports such as basketball or volleyball, but how long does a soccer game last? There are many names associated with this sport but it can be called … Read more

The best derbies (upcoming) in English football

5. Swansea City vs Cardiff City Let’s address the elephant in the room straight away: yes, they’re Welsh. But they both reside in the English football league and thus qualify for this list. Both teams have competed in the Premier League and Swansea actually won the Carabao Cup back in 2013 – although they now … Read more

What Soccer Balls of the Future Will Look Like

Adidas Football On Pitch Grass

What Soccer Balls of the Future Will Look Like Soccer balls have come a long way since the days of people kicking a pig’s bladder up and down a cobbled street. Such is the technology and design that goes into making modern balls that they can be made to dip and swerve depending on the … Read more