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Highest Scoring Soccer Games In History!

Soccer can be an extremely painful game for the fan of any club. Losing is painful, losing to your local rivals is more painful, losing to your local rivals ‘in your own backyard’ (Your home ground) is more painful still, getting ‘thumped’ by your most bitter rivals be it at any level, local or international is arguably the most painful. Then there is total humiliation! Let’s take a look at some of the highest scoring soccer games in history.

Top 7 Highest Scoring Soccer Games

7. Preston North End 26 – Hyde United 0 – 1887

Preston North End is a club steeped in history. A founder member of the English Football League in 1888, the club won both the League Championship and the FA Cup in the inaugural year, thus becoming the first ever English club to do the ‘double’. The achievement was all the more remarkable as they won the League without losing a match and the FA Cup without conceding a goal. So they were some side. Just like the exhilaration of watching a historic football match, you can experience a different kind of thrill when you play at a payid casino, where seamless transactions and exciting games await.

Nevertheless, the above score line deserves some explaining for it saw Preston North End set 3 English Soccer records in the process:

  • Scoring the most goals in a single game. 
  • Achieving the highest home winning margin. 
  • Securing the highest aggregate score.

All of which still stand today.

A notable fact however is that this date with the record books actually occurred the year before the Football League was founded!

Reason for such a high score: they were simply too good!

There is a match report here.

6. Villareal 27 – Navata 0 – 2009

This high scoring soccer game is interesting as it is fairly recent. However, it should be noted that it was only achieved in a friendly by a renowned La Liga team (Villareal) against basically an amateur/semi-professional side that only played in the league of the ‘Third Territory’ of Catalonia. A league few people have even heard of! My apologies to any ‘Basque’ Soccer fans amongst us!

Reason for such a high score: Basically, it was just a huge mismatch. Professionals vs Amateurs with Villarreal finishing fifth in La Liga that season, just narrowly missing out on a place in the European Champions League on the final day. Whilst sadly I cannot even find an actual record of where Navata finished in their respective league that year.

5. Tahiti 30 – Cook Islands 0 – 1971

Unfortunately, little information is recorded about this match. However, it is on record as one of the highest scoring Soccer matches of all time. Taking place in the 1971 South Pacific Games. The results of which for authenticity are officially attributed and recorded at the following link. Soccer at the 1971 South Pacific Games  

4. Australia 31 – American Samoa 0 – 2001

Whilst some of the highest scores ever recorded in Soccer have some spurious foundations, this score was pretty famous in the annals of World Soccer as it occurred in an official FIFA World Cup qualification game.

Indeed its notoriety is such that unlike the other biggest scores mentioned, it is actually even viewable on YouTube. 

Reason for such a high score: FIFA’s qualification system for the Soccer World Cup at the time was unfair. Tiny teams from the Oceanic Football Confederation (OFC) were matched against far larger nations. This has since been rectified and is one of the reasons why Australia now play in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

A match report and the records it produced is provided by the BBC here

Two Remarkable results from Scotland on the same day! 12th of September 1885.

3. Dundee Harp 35 – Aberdeen Rovers 0 – 1885

Founded in 1879, the (now defunct) Dundee Harp was a Soccer club based in Dundee, Scotland which went out of business in 1894. Its most remarkable victory in its short existence as a club came against Aberdeen Rovers in a game played on the 12th of September 1885. To Dundee Harp’s chagrin there was an even higher scoring game played on the very same day.

2. Arbroath 36 – Bon Accord Rovers 0 – 1885

Arbroath Football Club is a Scottish football club which was founded in 1878 and based in the town of Arbroath. They currently play in the Scottish Championship with their home matches played at Gayfield Park. The ‘Red Lichties’ (as they are known) most famous accomplishment is to hold the world record for the biggest victory in World Senior Soccer. They set it on the 12th of September 1885 when they beat Bon Accord 36–0 in a Scottish Cup match. The game was notable as amongst other:

  • A further five to seven goals were disallowed for offside, so the score could have been much higher! 
  • Jocky Petrie scored 13 goals in the match, a record for the most goals scored by a single player in a British Senior Soccer game.

What is interesting about these two games however is as follows:

Dundee Harp could have in fact been the World Record-holder for the biggest margin of victory in Soccer History. For according to Fraser Clyne, the Arbroath FC historian who researched both matches

“…. the referee (in the Dundee Harp game) had noted 37 goals scored. However, Harp’s secretary insisted the correct result was two goals less. The referee is said to have acknowledged difficulty keeping track of the offensive onslaught and acceded to Harp’s lower total.”

Thereby Arbroath hold the record by a single goal. Such is Soccer!

The No 1 Highest Scoring Soccer Game in History – bar none!

Of all the games mentioned, not one can ‘hold a candle’ to the game which will forever go down in history as the biggest, most notorious, Soccer result ever. No score is remotely comparable in size to simply the biggest victory of all time. Albeit, one that is shrouded in controversy!

1. A.S Adema 149 – Stade Olympique L’Emyrne 0 – 2002

For not only does this game hold the dubious honor of holding the record for: 

  • The biggest margin of victory and the highest scoring soccer game. 
  • The infamous record for the most own goals scored in a game. 
  • It holds the record for the fact they were one and the same!

Also, the ultimate result was entrenched in a good old petulant Soccer protest ‘to boot!’ 

Words do not do the history and intrigue behind this remarkable match justice, so please just take a few minutes to look at the following YouTube Video

Which will give you all the knowledge and trivia you need on the biggest (yet probably least famous) high scoring game of all time! If you want to make a bet on an upcoming soccer match visit : https://theinternetslots.com/ca/300-free-chip/ where you can get the latest odds on soccer matches from around the world.

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