The Official 2022-23 Balls Of Europe’s Top Leagues

Every season we are treated to a variety of exciting new kit launches, while fans eagerly anticipate which players will be donning their favourite shirts, once the summer transfer window closes. But what about the most important piece of equipment used on a football pitch?

Heading into the 2022-23 season, the top five leagues across Europe have already revealed their official ball partners, as we attempt to guess which teams will enjoy the most success kicking them around. Before backing potential champions, don’t forget to check for odds comparisons at the best football betting sites, accompanied by site reviews and guides covering all angles of wagering on the beautiful game.

Deciding where to bet and what competitions we find most appealing, are choices we consider all the time. We all have our own particular favourites, which is undoubtedly going to be the same when looking at the official balls leagues will be using this coming season. As for selecting which balls are the best looking, well, that decision is ultimately for you to choose.

English Premier League

Believe it or not, NIKE has been the official ball supplier of the English Premier League for 23 seasons. This partnership began with the NIKE Geo Merlin ball for the 2000-01 campaign, and the innovative designs have continued through to the present day. Since the 2020-21 campaign, the NIKE Flight has been the latest generation of ball used, with a new version for the 2022-23 season.

All the different designs used can be viewed at the official Premier League NIKE Ball Hub, taking fans on a trip down memory lane, showcasing the balls for each season and including the alternatives used in winter months. Arguably, the 2022-23 NIKE Flight is one of the most simple designs, although that doesn’t detract from its beauty.

Spanish LaLiga

As part of their global marketing strategy, LaLiga simultaneously launched their new 2022-23 ball in several different countries. The national event was held at the themed “LaLiga TwentyNine’s” themed restaurant, located at Gran Via in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Elsewhere, the presentation was hosted by representatives in South Korea, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand.

According to the official press release, the PUMA Orbita ball for 2022-23 in LaLiga is inspired by the hypnotic effect of a kaleidoscope, making it a delightful addition to competition in Spain throughout the coming season. Interestingly, different designs for the PUMA Orbita ball will also be used in other leagues, including the Italian Serie A, plus the English Football League divisions, from the Championship to League One and League Two.

German Bundesliga

While some of the most famous manufacturers have produced seamless balls, there is notably something more familiar and traditional about the new Bundesliga 2022-23 ball, produced by German company DERBYSTAR. The first thing we notice is this ball still features the hand-stitched panels, which became synonymous with older ball designs.

The DERBYSTAR official 2022-23 match ball is titled as the Bundesliga Brilliant APS, which is a genuine treat for the eyes, given there is more white this year to accompany the colourful paint splash effects of the design. There is also an alternative winter ball in orange, with the same colourful splashes, accompanied of course by the Bundesliga logos and the star icon of the manufacturer.

French Ligue 1

Despite being relative newcomers in the design and manufacture of FIFA quality footballs, KIPSTA is the company the French Ligue 1 has chosen as their official competition partners, having dedicated their focus towards ball production since 2016. This new design is aimed at celebrating the 90th anniversary of the French football championship, next year in 2023.

The official KIPSTA ball will make it’s 2022-23 debut in the Trophée des Champions, when Paris Saint-Germain face FC Nantes on 31st July. Featuring a futuristic look to the panel design, this is an artistic approach that also shouts high technology. KIPSTA says the key feature of their ball is high trajectory stability, suggesting that kicking it hard will result in missile precision from players, hopefully!