Soccer Ball Information

Ball Drag

The drag coefficient of a ball plotted against Reynold’s number – a non-dimensional parameter that takes into account both the velocity and diameter of the ball. The drag coefficient drops suddenly when the airflow at the surface of the sphere changes from laminar to turbulent. The position of the discontinuity depends on the roughness of …

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NFHS Soccer Ball Testing and Approvals

Since the 1999-2000 school year, soccer balls used in interscholastic competition in sports for which the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) writes playing rules are required to have the NFHS authenticating mark. Ball Testing Requirements: Spherical Made of leather or other suitable material that is weather resistant Of a circumference of not more than …

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Soccer Ball Physics 2

MSC.Patran Used By Researchers to Model Complex Physics of Soccer Free Kicks SANTA ANA, Calif. — May 31, 2001 — MSC.Software Corp. (NYSE: MNS), the leading global provider of simulation software, services and systems, today announced that MSC.Patran was used by researchers to help solve the mystery of ‘trick’ or ‘bending’ free kicks in soccer. Through the collaboration …

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