How Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid

How Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

Soccer is amongst the top paid sports on the planet. But how much do soccer players get paid? Sitting fifth behind the likes of Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football and Baseball – the average annual salary of Soccer’s most prestigious competition the Premier League – topped $1.6 million in 2022.

The demands placed on elite athletes in modern day soccer goes some way into justifying the astronomical wages paid out each year with billions of adoring fans around the globe contributing to the trillions of dollars invested each season. 

As the most popular sport in the world, have you ever wondered about the earnings of soccer players, from amateur level to world class superstar?

So exactly how Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

How Much Do Soccer Players Get Paid?

The average salary for a professional soccer player worldwide is around $60,000. 

Of course, that figure can fluctuate wildly depending on the league in which they play in, team played for, their position, age and overall ability. Nevertheless, most professional soccer players, regardless of their individual situation are very well paid in comparison to athletes from other sports.

How much do soccer players get paid depending on the location in which they play? In general, players from Europe’s biggest leagues are paid the most with other regions of the world receiving relatively less per year. Some of the biggest earners in soccer can get paid tens of millions of dollars annually and command some of the highest salaries of all the sportspeople globally.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In A Month?

On average a professional soccer player’s monthly salary is $325,000. However, the average wages per month for players from the highest-paid teams can peak at around $727,500. How much do soccer players get paid in lower-paid teams? They can expect to earn approximately $103,000 per month.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In A Week?

Average monthly salaries can be around $75,000. How much do soccer players get paid in elite sides? It will be in the region of $167,000. Players in the lowest-paid teams can expect to earn approximately $103,000 per month.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In An Hour?

How much do soccer players get paid each hour? On average a professional soccer player’s salary per hour is $446. But for a higher paying team that average can stretch to around $1000 per hour. For players in the lowest-paid teams the hourly rate can be as low as $140.

Who Are The Highest Paid Soccer Players In The World?

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

How much do soccer players get paid if they are considered the greatest in the sport? 

Lionel Messi is the third highest paid soccer player on the planet. The former Barcelona and now PSG forward has always commanded a wage superior to the majority of his fellow professionals. The Argentine is set to earn $120 million over the course of his three-year deal with the Ligue 1 club.

Runner up is Messi’s teammate Kylian Mbappe. The Frenchman is in line to earn $128 million before his contract expires in 2025. He is estimated to take home $650,000-a-week before other income sources such as sponsorship are factored in.

Soccer’s highest paid player is Cristiano Ronaldo. His recent move to Saudi team Al Nassr has pocketed the Portuguese legend a whopping $200 million across two and a half seasons which amounts to an incredible $3.6 million per week!

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In Europe?

European soccer leagues are home to some of the most well-paid players in the world with their annual incomes often inflated further by sponsorship, image rights, advertising deals and endorsements. Typically, professional soccer athletes at the elite levels can earn more from their off-the-field exploits than for actually playing soccer. How much do soccer players get paid in the top five European leagues?

The average salary in France’s Ligue 1 is $1.54 million per year. Germany’s Bundesliga sees its players earn $2.05 million each season whilst those applying their trade in Italy can expect to earn an average of $2.23 million playing in Serie A.

Spain’s La Liga is super profitable for its soccer players whose average salaries can reach approx $2.75 million. But the English Premier League dwarfs all of Europe’s other top leagues with players earning on average an immense $3.9 million every year!

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In The Premier League?

Whilst the Premier League boasts the highest average yearly salary of nearly $4 million, looking more closely at earnings by club paints an even more eye-watering financial picture for teams with the greatest global profiles.

The reason Premier League players are paid so well is simply a case of supply and demand. 

Multiple decades of popularity, a distinct style of play, talented players and success in international tournaments have all made English soccer an irresistibly popular brand. Its value has skyrocketed since English Football’s First Division was rebranded in 1992 and became the FA Premier League we know today.

The Premier League was permitted to negotiate its broadcasting rights and sponsorships which opened the door to even bigger deals and more revenue for its teams. The competition attracts a host of the most talented soccer superstars from around the globe. 

In 2023 and beyond, the largest Premier League clubs have the power and resources to spend ridiculous sums every season on both transfer fees and salaries.

How much do soccer players get paid in the Premier League’s top teams? Chelsea and Arsenal spend an average of nearly $6 million in wages per player with Liverpool forking out almost $7 billion on each individual team member. Manchester United are able to pay an average of $7.7 million on a player’s wage whilst Manchester City can afford to commit $8.7 million to each player annually.

How Much Do Soccer Players Make In Other Parts Of The World?

Lorenzo Insigne
Lorenzo Insigne

Aside from the top European leagues, there are a variety of competitions across the world that pay their professional players a healthy average yearly wage. Some of the larger global leagues include Mexico’s Liga MX, the Brazilian Serie A and the MLS. But how much do soccer players get paid in these so-called ‘lesser’ leagues?

Whilst the average salaries in the Brazilian, Mexican and North American leagues can’t compete with the top 5 highest-grossing divisions in Europe – their professionals are still handsomely paid.

How much do soccer players get paid in Mexico’s Liga MX? The average annual salary is $400,000 whilst rates in Brazilian league soccer are similar. In the MLS, the highest-paid player is Lorenzo Insigne, who earns $14 million per year playing for Toronto FC.

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