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Most Memorable Soccer Managers From The English Premier League

In 1992, the English Premier League replaced the original First Division that had been established in 1888. Every season, the Premiership title is pursued by twenty clubs each playing thirty-eight matches. Although the teams largely rely on the skills of their players, they always need talented managers to achieve outstanding success.

Most successful Premier League manager

The clear winner is Alex Ferguson who was already the manager of Manchester United when the Premier League was launched and he guided the Red Devils to victory in the inaugural season of 1992-93. Ferguson’s style of management centered around strict discipline and loyalty between him and his players. He encouraged aggressive, attacking soccer that other teams often found intimidating. Ferguson’s determination brought unrivaled success with a record-breaking thirteen Premier League titles between 1992 and 2013! Over the course of Ferguson’s Premier League career received many honors and awards. According to his manager bio, he received manager of the month twenty-seven times and manager of the season eleven times. 

Longest serving Premier League manager

Alex Ferguson

Throughout soccer history there have been many managers who have stayed on for long careers and managed many different soccer teams. Over the years, a fascinating duel was to evolve between Alex Ferguson of Manchester United and Arsene Wenger of Arsenal. Both managers would inadvertently compete for the honor of being the longest serving Premiership manager. Although Ferguson arrived at Manchester in 1986, his role as a Premiership manager dates from 1992. He would leave Old Trafford at the end of the 2012-13 season, having spent a total of twenty years or 7,640 days in the Premiership. Arsene Wenger was appointed as Arsenal’s manager in 1996. His positive managerial style produced attractive, entertaining soccer resulting in three premiership titles. He encouraged his players to be spontaneous and develop their individual skills. Wenger stayed as a Premier League manager until 2018, a total of 7,894 days, beating his rival Alex Ferguson by 254 days.

Manager with the shortest Premier League career

The shortest tenure as a Premier League manager can be viewed in terms of days or matches. The record for the least number of days is held by Les Reed of Charlton Athletic. Reed was acknowledged as a competent tactician, but his management style was uninspiring and quickly led to a six-week run with only one victory out of seven matches. On December 24th, 2006, Reed was dismissed after forty-one days. In June 2017, Frank de Boer joined Crystal Palace during the summer recess, taking over from Sam Allardyce as the manager. Although the Dutchman was highly accomplished tactically, he was dismissed three months later after four defeats at the beginning of the new season.

Manager of the most Premier League clubs

Sam Allardyce, known as Big Sam for his extrovert personality, has had the pleasure of managing eight clubs. They include Crystal Palace, Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers, Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham and Everton. He has often been recruited by struggling teams that are facing a relegation battle. His managerial style encompasses a forceful determination and great leadership qualities. Allardyce usually encourages his teams to use tried and trusted survival tactics. These include the long ball that heads straight from defenders to forwards without allowing the creative midfielders of the opposition to get involved. Whether soccer fans support Newcastle United or Everton, they can play here to place bets on their favorites to win. No matter how well or how poorly a team plays, it’s anyone’s guess at who will win in upcoming games and seasons.

Most charismatic Premier League manager

This honor is debatable, but if you asked Jose Mourinho he’d instantly know the answer! Mourinho from Portugal joined Chelsea in 2004 and again in 2013, remaining for just over two seasons each time. He enlivened the Premier League with his outrageously confident personality. In post-match interviews he often referred to himself as the Special One. Perhaps Mourinho had a valid point as he created a team with the best defensive record in the Premier League. In his first season, Chelsea let in only fifteen goals, around one-third of the usual average. Yet Mourinho’s maverick style of management saw Chelsea produce exciting soccer, resulting in three Premiership titles. Under Mourinho’s guidance, Chelsea set a record number of ninety-five points when securing the title in 2004-05.

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