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Official World Cup 1998 Tricolore Soccer Ball

WC Tricolore 1998

By 1998, FIFA World Cup France was played with a ball which sported the French red-white-blue tri-color. A complete departure from the old traditional black and white pattern.  The first official World Cup soccer ball that was in color. The TRICOLORE used underglass print technology with a thin layer of syntactic foam.

tricolre 3

The above picture was provided by Sebastiano Calì from Italy. Thanks!

The above Tricolore soccer ball (football) picture provided by Sheridan Bird. Visit

Thank you Jacques Barralon for the above picture.

Featured a newly engineered hi-tech syntactic foam layer. This new foam material had better compression and more explosive rebound characteristics, making the ball softer and faster than its predecessor, Questra. The first World Cup ball in color was a revolutionary concept in ball surface design. 


Was the first ever multi-colored Match Ball. France’s flag and national colors (the Tricolore) and the “cockerel” the traditional symbol of the French nation and Football Federation, inspired the ball’s name and design.

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