Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball


pelias ball Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball
pelias ball 2 Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball

From Adidas:

A new football production concept has been developed to provide consistent quality and performance from one ball to the next for today’s faster and more technical game.

pelias ball 3 Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball

The above pictures are from Alberto Izaguirre Serrano, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Pelias ball 4 Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball

Above picture provided by Jacques Barralon

New Pelias ball, featuring Power Balance Technology, has a seamless surface design and a revolutionary new carcass.
The Pelias carcass features a new lamination technique and a machine stitching process, providing the most uniform dynamic properties for optimal balance, maximum energy return, and consistent trajectory. This is Power Balance Technology.
A new thermal bonding technique replaces traditional stitching, for a smoother, seamless surface with more responsiveness and ball contact sensitivity. The result is predictable trajectory, substantially less water uptake and maximum abrasion resistance.
The Pelias ball is the Official Match Ball of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as well as the Official Match Ball for all FIFA events in 2004.

FIFA Approved
Material: Synthetic PU
Size: 5

pelias ball 5 Pelias 2004 Olympic Soccer Ball


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