Champions League

Top Champions League Moments Of All Time

Champions League.

In every league there are golden moments that outshine everything else. There have been times when soccer betting odds have been off the charts, and suddenly one team comes around for a win that absolutely nobody expected. 

Sometimes in soccer, there can be one player who makes all the difference, and astoundingly we have seen that countless times, more than we can possibly count.  

The championship league is thought to be like the elitist club competition.  

Any competition like this will always provide endless entertainment of the highest order. No matter how it does it. In some ways the Championship league can be chockablock full of trick shots, goals, emotion, and shocking upsets as much as the Super Bowl can be. 

However, with more teams at the helm, and a wider array of teams playing off for the championship, it can get hot and heavy, and as many fans know it can be a really emotionally charged time. 

So, what moments led the league in the hottest, best, and most incredible occurrences. 

#1. Liverpool makes a comeback, 2005.

Back in 2005 Milan were only three goals to win at the halftime against Liverpool in the finals, some Liverpool fans had already left, feeling defeated and not wanting to witness the horror. 

However, a six-minute salvo, managed by a crazy double-save from Dudek and a penalty shootout saved the game. Liverpool absolutely smashed it, and in it crafted one of the most memorable finals of all time! 

#2. The Left-Foot Finish.

Zindedine Zidane was a big player, and he was good at his game. This is where we saw the epic goal we didn’t expect. 

In the 2001 Championship finals for Real Madrid against Bayer Leverkusen, Zidane scored this epic shot with his left foot. Apparently his left foot is the weaker one, not that you would think so after seeing this. 

What do you think? Is it truly his weaker leg? 

#3. The Smash & Grab 

It was looking pretty poor for Manchester United, and Bayern Munich may as well have already picked up the game, wrapped it up and put a bow on it. They held a secure 1-0 lead for a solid 86 minutes of the final that year. 

However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came on alongside Teddy Sheringham, and they ruined Bayern Munich’s plans. They solidified a two-goal salvo in injury time, decimating the German’s hopes of a win, and taking the game home!

#4. Gerrard Vs Olympiakos. 

Back in ‘04, Liverpool absolutely had to win against Olympiakos by two goals to progress in the league. 

Rivaldo gave the Greeks the lead with a free kick to stay in history, only for Sinama-Pongolle to end up equalizing for the reds. 

However, Steven Gerrard took the roof off the stadium for an incredible last minute goal. As we imply, it was basically Gerrard Vs the Olympiakos here. 

No one expected it, and it hit at exactly the right time. 

#5. The Near Destruction of Manchester United. 

We sometimes see performances that will never leave our memories, sporting skills we will take with us to our graves. This was one of those occasions, back in the 2006-2007 League semifinals. 

Kaka has almost decimated Manchester on his own. Almost. He shouldn’t have left Milan, but what will be, will be. 

It is still an impressive feat nonetheless, and a show of true talent.

#6. La Remontada. 

Before that fateful night in Barcelona in 2017, no team had ever managed to flip a 4-0 deficit in the second leg, ever before. 

However, Barcelona did it, to LITERALLY everyone’s amazement. Even if Luis Suarzes did dive for the fifth goal, it was nothing with Sergi’s 95th strike ending what was an absolutely incredible feat in the history of soccer. 

In many other sports we sometimes see insane turn around in the last minute, but soccer is not usually on that list. This time, it was, and it was epic! 

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