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Top Soccer Movies And Documentaries You Can Watch Online

The sport of soccer may be a challenging topic for producers, and many of them fall into the trap of exaggerating tired clichés and stereotypical depictions of the game rather than giving it justice. There is no doubt that filmmakers often have trouble with soccer, as demonstrated in World Pup. Nevertheless, during the past few decades, there has been a rise in the number of producers making films and documentaries worthy of being streamed.


It is common practice to gloss over Sir Stanley Matthews’ contributions off the field of play, even though he is well-known for his exploits. The player, “The Wizard of the Dribble”, has enormous talent and managed to keep himself in good enough shape to continue competing at the highest level far after his 50th birthday. However, his role in ending apartheid in South Africa was sometimes overlooked because he taught soccer in all-black areas of Johannesburg. This glaring problem is addressed in the outstanding Matthews documentary, which highlights that the great man was aware of diversity long before many people were aware of why diversity is vital.

All or Nothing: Manchester City

All or Nothing: Manchester City

All or Nothing series on Amazon Prime has provided a look inside the inner workings of several sports clubs. Amazon Prime also consists of various others documentaries that show the inner working of other sports and online casino games like Casino 777 Switzerland. The eight-part documentary looks at Manchester City throughout their historic 2017–18 season, which is one of the greatest that the All or Nothing series has to offer. The club’s progression was tracked throughout a season in which they won two trophies and broke several performance-related records in the Premier League. Throughout the season, the team’s growth was mapped out. The series, which has garnered praise from soccer fans and critics alike, is narrated by the Academy Award-winning actor Ben Kingsley.

I Believe in Miracles

I Believe in Miracles chronicles the improbable journey of the soccer team Nottingham Forest, led by manager Brian Clough, from relative obscurity to winning two consecutive European championships. When clubs did not have the safety net of group games to conceal their weaknesses, Forest won back-to-back European Cups in 1979 and 1980. These victories came when the European Cup was still being played. The documentary includes archival footage from some of Forest’s most successful years and interviews with some of the most important persons involved throughout that time. Clough was left with something to prove after an unsuccessful stint as manager of another club during the 1970s, and the accomplishments of Forest’s team provided him with the final dismissal he sought.

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Zidane is the single subject of this excellent documentary that takes place during a La Liga match in 2005 between Real Madrid and Villarreal. A 21st Century Portrait was filmed at the Bernabeu Stadium using 17 synchronised cameras to capture Zidane’s every move. Because of the famed French playmaker’s involvement in a fight that occurred late in the game, the documentary ended up having more drama than the film’s creators had anticipated. With the benefit of hindsight, the movie can even be seen as a warm-up for Zidane’s notorious headbutt on Marco Materazzi during the 2006 World Cup Final. 

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

It would have been challenging to produce a poor documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson due to the nature of his personality and his accomplishments throughout his time in professional soccer. The book “Never Given In” gives readers a fantastic look inside Ferguson’s life, from his beginnings as a shipyard apprentice to his rise to fame as the greatest soccer manager in history. The movie’s plot revolves around Ferguson’s near-fatal brain haemorrhage in 2018, which made him somewhat more fragile but happily did not affect his razor-sharp intelligence. 

The Damned United

Clough’s choice to become the manager of Leeds United in 1974 ultimately proved to be the most detrimental decision to his managerial career. He only stayed at Elland Road for a total of 44 days even though the players for the club did everything in their power to undermine him during his brief time there. In the documentary titled “The Damned United,” an in-depth look at the period in question is provided alongside an expert investigation into Clough’s complex personality. Michael Sheen gives an outstanding performance as the primary character, while Stephen Graham is spot-on in his portrayal of the snarky behaviour displayed by Leeds captain Billy Bremner.

Bad Sport: Footballgate

Footballgate provides an in-depth analysis of the part that the former director of Juventus, Luciano Moggi, played in match-fixing activities inside Italian soccer. The Calciopoli scandal was exposed just before the 2006 World Cup. It involved allegations that some of the most successful clubs in Italy had bribed match officials to manipulate the outcome of games. Moggi was widely considered the ringleader of a wave of corruption that also permeated other aspects of soccer, including the mainstream media. This corruption was widespread across the soccer community. After an inquiry that discovered some of the most dishonest behaviour ever witnessed in the sport of football, he was given a lifetime ban from playing for the Italian national team.

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