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Most Unforgettable Premier League Games in History

As probably the best, and definitely the most valuable, football league in the world, the Premier League has seen some amazing games over the years. It hosts some of the most talented and exciting players in the world, a guarantee for some great football. But some games stand out more than others, and here we’ve gathered a few of the most unforgettable Premier League games in history.

Premier League has since 1992 hosted some of the most thrilling games in history. Great comebacks, lots of goals, and nail-biting excitement. These are games that make it extra entertaining to watch football past 90 minutes, and sports betting is only possible because of the fact that you can never predict a game in full. When entertaining oneself with soccer betting, it’s important to make sure to get the best odds. Various bookmakers often present small variations In Premier League games, so do yourself the favor of comparing the odds to make the most of your money and your game. When you’re betting, it’s always wise to know as many historical events as possible. So, why not start out by checking out the greatest premier league games in history right here?

Arsenal 3-2 Man United (09/11/1997)

This game was one of the most significant ones in all of Premier League history. It was the game that rocketed Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal into the league and featured the then up-coming star Nicolas Anelka who scored his first Premier League goal. Another Frenchman, Patrick Vieira, swept the ball past Schmeichel, and even though Man United fought back, Arsenal ended up taking home a 3-2 victory and moving themselves to the top of the league. This move took them all the way to the top where they won the league for the first time. This was truly the beginning of the Arsenal vs. Man Utd rivalry which was prevalent for years to come.

Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle (03/04/1996)

The 95/96 season featured a game widely acknowledged as one of the best matches in Premier League history. Newcastle, a contender for the title, visited Anfield in a thrilling game that proved crucial, as both were fighting Manchester United for the title. Defining indeed. With only 20 minutes left, the two were tied and the excitement couldn’t be higher. In the end, it’s Liverpool’s Stan Collymore who scored the goal that ended Newcastle’s run for the title. 

Tottenham 3-5 Man United (01/10/2001)

This game was almost unbelievable. Spurs went into half-time with a strong 3-0 lead, and then something happened in the United dressing room. Within a minute of the second half, they scored. This goal was followed by four more making this match go over in history. This performance showed everyone that nothing is settled until the whistle is blown.  

These are just a couple of the legendary Premier League games. You can find plenty more if your interest has been sparked. Matches to be mentioned could be the 2012 title decider 3-2 Manchester City vs. QPR game or the 4-4 Newcastle vs Arsenal in 2011. There’s a plethora of games to dive into. 

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