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What is Double Chance in Soccer Betting?

FC Barcelona

The 2022 soccer calendar has been exciting this year. The Champions League had an exciting finish, punctuated by an intense final match between Liverpool of the Premier League and Real Madrid of La Liga. Real goalkeeper Thibault Courtois made some tremendous saves against an aggressive Liverpool team who could just not find the back of the net.

The next big major tournament was the 2022 Women’s Euro Cup, held this summer. The US betting apps list likely had many of the teams that advanced deep into the tournament as favorites, such as France, Germany, and England. The England women’s team could do what their male counterparts were not a year ago by winning the Euro Cup at home in London at Wembley Stadium. 

To cap things off later this year, the 2022 men’s World Cup will be held in Qatar this November and December. The tournament is usually held at the start of the summer but was moved to later in the year due to the intense heat experienced in the host country.

Perhaps one of the most popular wagers soccer gamblers will make during the World Cup will be a double chance bet. Let’s learn more about what it is and how it can reasonably be deployed.

Double Chance Bet Explanation

The name somewhat gives away the benefit of this type of wager. By locking in a double chance bet, you have two chances to win. This can be an appealing viewing experience because if the potential for one specific outcome is dashed early in the match, there is still an opportunity to redeem your bet. 

The double chance bet usually refers to the different possible outcomes as a final result. In soccer, one team will win, or the two teams competing in the match will play to a draw. A double chance bet will allow a bettor to cover two out of the possible three outcomes.

For example, let’s say that Juventus is playing FC Barcelona in a friendly match. Either Juventus will come out on top, Barcelona will, or they will tie. One possible setup of a double chance bet is taking Juventus to win or to tie. The only way someone loses a bet constructed that way is if Barcelona is victorious.

Another way to play it is to believe strongly that one team will get the best of the other within 90 minutes. If Paris St. Germain is playing Manchester United in a friendly, and you feel like both teams will play super aggressively, a double chance bet can be made to cover either team winning the game. The only way that bet loses is if the teams finish the game in a draw.

Double Chance Bet Strategy

One recommended way to utilize a double chance bet is having complete confidence in one side of a matchup. For example, if you have a lot of confidence in Germany in their group stage games this World Cup, it may make sense to place bets with Germany winning or drawing their games. If one side truly is much stronger than another, then you are basically saying that they have no chance of actually losing the game.

As mentioned above, play style can also factor into when and how a double chance bet is made. If a team is well known for playing a conservative, methodical soccer style, the chances of them conceding a goal might be lower. In this case, it might be wise to bet them to either win or draw since they are not trying to score at all costs but are trying to protect their own goal. 

A Word of Advice

In major tournaments such as the upcoming World Cup, the knockout stage pits two teams together with the idea that only one team can advance. If teams are still tied after 120 minutes of play, they will go to a penalty shootout, and whoever comes out on top advances.

Before making double-chance bets on elimination games, check to see whether your sportsbook or best casino bonus canada counts a game going into penalty kicks as a draw or if the winner of the shootout counts as the sole victor.

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