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The triumph of the Questra led to the birth of several new models. For the Olympic football tournament in Atlanta, the ball was given a new image and named the Questra Olympia. The fabled Olympic flame was placed in the trigon as a tribute to the spirit and history of the games.

The ball pictured above is claimed to be USED IN THE FINAL MATCH of the Olympic soccer tournament (3rd august, 1996)

Above two pictures provided by Jacques Barralon

The following information about this ball is from Soccer Ball World Visitor Peter Pesti

This particular ball was a present from the gold medalist Nigerian superstar, Jay Jay Okocha, who used to play in Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) for many years in his early career and he speaks very good German. He took this ball with him after winning the Gold Medal of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games against Argentina. The ball is in a great condition and it was only used once. No one ever has played with it after the final. If you examine the ball closely you can still see some very small old dry grass between the panels on the stitching.

Argentina (2) - Nigeria (3)

This ball is very special, because it was kicked by superstars; for example, Ortega, Crespo, Almeyda, Simeone and like Okocha, Kanu, Amokachi, Ikpeba, Babayaro in the 1996 Olympic games that was hosted in United States of America. It was also the first time an African team had ever won a world wide international soccer tournament. 

 2004 Euro Ball

The Adidas Roteiro 

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Charles Goodyear's 1855 first vulcanized rubber soccer ball.  


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