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The Best Football Leagues in the World

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Almost every country in the world plays football. When the international football scene is not in action, fans turn to football leagues in certain countries.

Several leagues, predominantly European, have attracted numerous fans in the last few years. What’s more, their clubs are featured in so that fans can bet on them. We have compiled a list of the best football leagues in the world. These leagues have the best players and soccer clubs and have attracted vast numbers of fans.

Major League Soccer- USA

The US soccer federation sanctions this major American Football League. Fans consider it a top-tier league in the USA and Canada. The MLS is featured in the best Bitcoin sportsbooks and it features 28 members, including 25 from America and three from Canada. The league intends to have 30 team members by 2023.

Its headquarters is located in Midtown Manhattan. Some of the wealthiest footballers in the world, including David Beckham, have set up a team and invested in the league. In addition, numerous superstars have played in the league, including Carlo Velasquez, Wayne Rooney, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

MLS boasts some of the largest stadiums in the world, and it has a great future ahead.

English Premier League

english premier league

We cannot talk about the best football leagues without including the English Premier League. It was started in 1881, but at the time, it was called the Football League. It was later rebranded as the FA Premier League in February 1992.

The English Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the world. It is the most significant, dominant, and vibrant league. The league is televised in more than 200 countries, reaching over four billion people worldwide.

Its atmosphere, fabs, competition, and congruence are some of the factors that make it the most popular league in the football world.

La Liga

This Spanish football league has some of the world’s largest soccer teams. It is regarded as the best soccer league in Europe, with billions of fans. It was created in 1929 and was supervised by LFP Liga de Futbol. Its clubs have won the UEFA champions league more than 15 times and FIFA Club World Cup five times.

When Cristiano and Messi from Real Madrid and Barca left the league, this affected the popularity of the Spanish league. However, the league has numerous fans, and its players have won more individual titles than any other league in the world.


This German league is arguably one of the top leagues in the world. In the Bundesliga league, players nurture and win great titles in football. The club boasts the world’s highest league attendance. It was founded in 1952.

Its teams Bayern Munich, Bavarians, and Borussia Dortmund, are among the largest teams in the league. The Dortmund vs. Bayern rivalry attracted numerous fans to the league. It has one of the most passionate and crazy fans.

Primera Division

This local Argentinian league has numerous promising football stars. The league is the origin of legendary footballers like Di Stefano, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, and Kun Aguero.

The championship has attracted numerous fans with the Boca Juniors and River Plate rivalry. The league also has great clubs like Estudiantes, Indepediente, San Lorenz and Banfield.

If you attend a Primera Division match, you will have a lifetime experience thanks to its vibrant, boiling, and dangerous atmosphere.

Primeira Liga – Portugal

This league was founded in 1934 as the Championship of the League Primera Division. It was later renamed the National Championship of the Primera Division from 1938 to 1999. Later it was called the Primera Liga.

Five teams have won the championship title since its establishment. The league has had 19 Sporting Cp wins, 29 Porto wins, and Benfica’s 37 wins in the Premier League. This had made it one of the best football leagues in the world.

Primera Liga is also called the Liga Portugal Bwin. It is the top division in the Portuguese association football. It is governed by the Liga Portugal, which organizes and keeps track of competitions.

Primera Liga has 18 teams in which the top two non-reserve teams replace the bottom two teams. Since its establishment, the league has seen some of the greatest Portuguese footballers.


This is one of the most prestigious leagues in professional football. The Dutch league was founded in 1956, and it has produced some of the most famous goal scores in football history.

It has 18 clubs, and during each season, these clubs play at home and away. The winner of the Eredivisie wins the Ditch national championship title.

Its star team Ajax has won 35 national titles, making it one of the best football leagues. PSV is the second most popular team with 24 wins while Feyenoord comes in third place with 15 units.

Ligue 1 – France

Ligue 1 football clubs compete in the European professional matches, and the league has housed some of the most famous footballers of all time.

Ligue one features 20 clubs and operates on a promotion and relegation system. It was founded in November 1932 by Ligue de Football Professional. It was first a national league before moving to Division 1 in 1933.

Its star football club is the Olympique Lyonnais which has had seven consecutive wins from 2002 to 2008, while Saint Etienne has won ten titles in France. For season matches, Olympique de Marseille has had 71 wins making them the most successful club in the league. In addition, Paris Saint-Germain has had the most longevity wins.

Argentine League

This is one of the oldest football leagues in the world. It has produced iconic footballers like Hernan Crespi, Lautaro Martinez and Zanetti. The league is popular among European clubs for their tip strikers and history of wins.

Compared to other leagues globally, the association has a very low viewership. However, its representative teams in the Copa Libertadores like the Boca Junior, River Plate, and Santa Cruz have made a name for the league.

Brazilian Serie A

This league has been a steady, constant source of talent for many clubs globally. It boasts highly skillful players that rise into great stars. This fact brings iconic footballers like Ronaldinho, Neymar, Adriano, and Rivaldo to mind.

The league has recently welcomed and let go of some of the most incredible talents in football history. The club does not have a constantly dominant team, which means that talent is spread out evenly throughout the group.

Italian Serie A

This one-horse league is one of the best football leagues in history. Its one-horse nature does not take away the competitive nature of the league.

Juventus FC has dominated the league for its players, winning the title constantly despite the administrative changes in coaches. When they added superstar player Cristiano Ronaldo to the team, this boosted the firepower of the team and its visibility.

Italian Serie A is a powerful competitive league with a characteristic defensive play pattern. Even though it does not have immense financial power, the club has proven itself to be one of the best football leagues in the world.


Football is a very competitive sport, and this explains its popularity. Each country has its league made up of several teams that compete to win various seasons.

There is often a regular debate over which leagues are the best, but these leagues are not only popular but the most significant wins in football history. They have also nurtured some of the best players in football history. 

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