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Pelias 2
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Official Match Ball for all FIFA events in 2005 in Europe

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Pelias 2

New Pelias 2 ball, featuring Power Balance Technology, has a seamless surface design and a revolutionary new carcass.

The Pelias carcass features a new lamination technique and a machine stitching process, providing the most uniform dynamic properties for optimal balance, maximum energy return, and consistent trajectory. This is Power Balance Technology.

A new thermal bonding technique replaces traditional stitching, for a smoother, seamless surface with more responsiveness and ball contact sensitivity. The result is predictable trajectory, substantially less water uptake and maximum abrasion resistance.

The Pelias 2 ball is the Official Match Ball for all FIFA events in 2005 in Europe.

FIFA Approved
Material: Synthetic PU
Size: 5

Color: Light grey/black/gold/red

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Pelias 2 Picture 3

Pelias 2 Picture 5

Pelias 2 Picture 6

Pelias 2 Picture 8

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