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Adidas Finale: Official Match Ball of the UEFA Champions League Final 

2002 Gray Star Finale Ball

UEFA Champions League Ball 2001

The above 2001 Champions Finale ball picture provided by Sheridan Bird. Visit

The Adidas Finale was developed based on the Adidas Terrestra Silverstream, the Official Matchball of the UEFA European Football Championship 2000™. This ball was also made with the same type of materials and construction used for the Adidas Fevernova, except of course the graphics. The graphics for the 2001 Champions Finale ball consist of the gray star design as shown .  

Adidas Press Release

Tuesday, May 1, 2001 , Herzogenaurach, Germany

adidas unveils the new Official Matchball for the UEFA Champions League®-English

Herzogenaurach, May 1, 2001 – adidas, the world’s leading football brand, launches today its first ever Official Matchball exclusively designed and developed for the UEFA Champions League®, the world’s most prestigious club competition. The new ball named “Finale“ is the latest result of adidas’ quest for excellence and innovation and a long tradition of improving the game of football by developing the very best equipment.

The adidas Finale features a unique design, inspired by the UEFA Champions League® starball logo, one of the most recognizable symbols in world football. The new design is completely different from the traditional adidas Tango design. This underlines adidas’ commitment to break new ground in the new millennium developing new and distinct products for the most important events in football. The exclusive Champions League design inextricably links adidas and the new matchball to the very best of football.

On the technical side, the adidas Finale was developed based on the adidas EQUIPMENT Terrestra Silverstream, the Official Matchball of the UEFA European Football Championship 2000™. Softer, faster and more accurate than any other adidas soccer ball before, the adidas Finale also features a layer of highly compressed, gas-filled micro-ballons of equal size (syntactic foam), proven during EURO 2000™ and probably contributing to the highest average goal rate in a major tournament ever. In the development phase, adidas involved top players such as Zinedine Zidane, Raúl, Patrick Kluivert and Alessandro Del Piero to test the ball, all of them known for their special feel for the goal.

“Our commitment to the UEFA Champions League® underlines our determination to further strengthen our position as the number one soccer brand in the world. Our introduction of the UEFA Champions League® licensed products as well as the development of an exclusive Champions League matchball is just the latest proof of our efforts. This is the tournament where the best play the very best – a natural place for adidas to be,“ said Erich Stamminger, Member of the Executive Board of adidas-Salomon AG, responsible for global marketing.

The new adidas Finale matchball will be used in the semi-final matches Real Madrid-Bayern München and Bayern München-Real Madrid on May 1 and 9 and naturally in the Final in Milan, May 23, 2001.

2003  Black Star Finale Ball

Finale Ball UEFA Champions League 2002

The Adidas Finale 2003 ball has the same design and materials with black stars instead of the gray ones used in the 2001 ball. 

2004 Blue Star Finale Ball

The above picture is from Soccer Ball World visitor Peter Pesti 

Champions League Ball 2003

The Adidas Finale 2003/2004 ball has the same design and materials with blue stars instead of the gray ones used in the 2001 ball. Look for a new model this year for use in the final Champions League match in May. The 2004/2005 model has RED stars

From Soccer Ball World Visitor Peter Pesti

One of the Original Match Balls Made for the Final Match between FC Porto and AS Monaco in 2004

AufSchalke ARENA, 26th may 2004. Gelsenkirchen (GERMANY)


The UEFA Champions League is by far the most popular club competition in Europe. Last year the final match was played in Gelsenkirchen (GERMANY), in the very new stadium of FC Schalke (called AufSchalke Arena) on the 26th of May 2004. The final game ended with a three goal victory for the Portuguese dream team FC Porto against the French champion AS Monaco. 

Not only the official match ball of the UEFA Champions League, but one of the very few authentic balls that was specifically made for the final 2004 game. The ball can easily be identified by the printed AufSchalke logo on the ball. Adidas marks only those balls that are intended to be used in the final game. 

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2005 Red Star Ball


adidas UEFA Finale Match Ball Image

Above three pictures were provided by Soccer Ball World visitor Francisco Aquino Ochoa

Adidas Press Release

Thursday, August 26, 2004 ,

Adidas Presents New Official Match Ball for UEFA Champions League

Monaco/Herzogenaurach, August 26, 2004 - Adidas officially presented the new Finale, the Official Match Ball of the UEFA Champions League™, at the group draw for the upcoming UEFA Champions League™ in Monaco.

With the fourth generation of the exclusive UEFA Champions League™ ball, Adidas provides Europe's best teams with a thermally bonded ball that allows them to utilize their skills to the fullest. The new Power Balance Technology and an inspiring design, which is rooted in the well-known UEFA starball logo, ensure that the new ball is one homogenous unit. The new mission red colored Adidas Finale is available globally at a wide range of outlets at a retail price of around $140.

The major improvement of the new Finale is the Power Balance Technology with the following features:

  • Novel panel design - superior PU surface plus highly resilient foam for better ball control and explosive response.

  • Thermal bonded panels: a new technology which replaces traditional hand stitching, thus creating a smoother, seamless surface for increased accuracy, water resistance and durability.

  • Innovative carcass technology: a new lamination technique for optimal balance and most consistent quality properties.

  • High-grade natural latex bladder for optimal rebound characteristics.

    Overall, the fourth generation of the Finale offers better control and rebound characteristics than ever before as well as increased water resistance, accuracy and durability. The new technology was first introduced with the adidas Roteiro™, the Official Match Ball of UEFA EURO 2004™, which has become the world's best-selling football ever.

2005 Finale Match Ball

AC Milan vs. Liverpool in Istanbul

This ball was specifically made for the final Champions League match.  Very rare!

From Soccer Ball World Visitor Adrian Monk


2006 Blue/Gray Star Ball


Finale - Paris 2006

Same Materials and Construction as the 2007 World Cup Teamgeist Ball

Above pictures were provided by Soccer Ball World visitor Francisco Aquino Ochoa

2006 Black Star Ball

2006 Power Orange Ball for snow conditions

Power Orange Finale Ball

Above pictures were provided by Soccer Ball World visitor Francisco Aquino Ochoa

Adidas presents Official Match Ball for UEFA Champions League 2007 Final 

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Athens/Herzogenaurach, March 8th, 2007 – Today adidas presents the Official Match Ball for the UEFA Champions League™ Final in Athens on May 23rd: the adidas “Finale Athens”. The Greek capital is hosting its 4th UEFA Champions League™ Final in the newly built 2004 Olympic Stadium, where Europe’s best football clubs will play the Final of the 2006/2007 season.

 The adidas “Finale Athens” features the successful adidas +Teamgeist™ technology, a 14-panel configuration. It reduces the number of three-panel touch points by 60% and the total length of panel lines by 15%. This creates a perfectly round ball allowing great accuracy and control for Europe’s best football clubs. The combination of the revolutionary panel shape, a new carcass construction and the thermal bonding technology provide this official match ball for the Final with the best performance qualities ever.

The design of the adidas “Finale Athens” is based on the widely recognizable UEFA Champions League™ star ball logo and is executed in blue and white, representing the colors of Greece. Celebrating the city where the first modern Olympics of 1896 took place, adidas named the ball for the UEFA Champions League™ Final the “Finale Athens“. The adidas “Finale Athens” is available globally at a retail price of $129.00 as of today.  

Both finalists will receive the Finale Athens ball for use in their pre-match training in advance of the 23 May showpiece at the Olympic Stadium. The team that comes out on top in the final will also have the exclusive right to use the ball for home matches as they defend the prestigious trophy next season, as was the case with FC Barcelona this term. The draw for the latter rounds of the UEFA Champions League will take place in Athens tomorrow.


2007 2008 Yellow Star Ball

Above three pictures were provided by Soccer Ball World visitor Francisco Aquino Ochoa

UEFA Champions League 2008 Finale 

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