Official World Cup Soccer Ball 2002 – Fevernova

Fevernova ball Official World Cup Soccer Ball 2002 - Fevernova

Adidas Fevernova TM, Official World Cup ball for Korea Japan, 2002  

Adidas’s Fevernova soccer ball was the official ball of the Korea Japan, 2002 FIFA world cup. The adidas Fevernova was the first World Cup Match Ball since 1978 to break with the traditional Tango design introduced in 1978.  It is three millimeters thick (11 layers). This includes a special foam layer with tiny gas filled balloons imbedded in a syntactic foam. The foam is based on an abrasion resistant polyurethane made by Bayer called Impranil® polyurethane. The outer cover of the ball consists of a combination of special synthetic polystyrenes (polyurethane) and natural rubber. Embedded within the layers are equal sized, highly elastic, exceptionally resistant gas-filled microcells. The inner lining consists of a tightly woven network of knitted, synthetic Raschel fabric. The spongy layer has high modulus of compression, with a good elastic memory. These layers give the Fevernova TM improved rebound characteristics, which convert foot strike into ball acceleration. The outer layer of the ball is made of a particularly so that the ball can withstand exceptionally tough treatment. All of this combines to give the ball greater durability. According to Adidas, the surface of the new ball converts applied energy evenly at every point. Theoretically, this gives a more calculable, flight path with advanced players. The Adidas Fevernova TM is made to meet the lower end of FIFA regulations governing circumference and the upper limit of weight , in which smaller and heavier sphere has a more accurate trajectory. 

A mesh inner layer provides strength that limits deformation when the ball is kicked and helps the ball remain spherical in flight. Any distortion of the round shape of a ball leads to an uneven airflow around the it, making it veer off course. The ball can travel up to speeds of 81 mph. The ability of players to swerve the ball will not be effected since the spin of the ball causes the intended curving. The foot is the key to transferring the foot’s force . The presence of gas filled microcels insures that the applied force is transferred to the ball. The bubbles allow the ability to kick the ball without too much resistance in which the ball does not absorb the applied energy. This converts the applied force (kick) into ball acceleration. The Fevernova TM weighs 435g.

Not Without Controversy 

“a ridiculous kiddy’s bouncing ball ” Gianluigi Buffon Goal Keeper, Italy

Some people claim the new official ball exhibits the same properties as plastic inflatable balls.

Belgium’s goalkeeping coach has complained the ball is “too light.” Brazilian midfielder Rivaldo told reporters the ball soars too far when kicked. And Brazilian forward Edilson was quoted as saying the ball is “too big and too light.”

The ball’s best review has come from England’s star midfielder David Beckham who calls the ball’s accuracy “exceptional.” However; Beckham is sponsored by Adidas and helped design the ball.

The “newness” of the ball could explain the wide range of comments from players and coaches.  Time will tell if the ball design is a winner.

Fevernova Ball Official World Cup Soccer Ball 2002 - Fevernova

Adidas Fevernova TM Ball Graphics

The golden (champagne) orb sports red flames in the motive of a shuriken which was chosen to symbolize the mammoth efforts and the energy, which South Korea and Japan invested into the FIFA World Cup 2002. The red flames represent driving tenacity with the Ninja’s star, a symbol of the technical achievements of the two industrial nations in the recent past. The Fevernova TM is available in two types, the Tri Lance is designed to be used on all types of surfaces and the Terrain, specially designed for hard surfaces. In conjunction with FIFA, Adidas will make 100,000 footballs available for distribution worldwide to help promote the FIFA GOAL program. This is intended to promote the game across the globe.

2002 World Cup Fevernova Orange Ball-1 Official World Cup Soccer Ball 2002 - Fevernova

Thank you Jacques Barralon for the above pictures.

Replica Balls: Adidas Fevernova Tremor and Glider

New Fevernova design for USA Women’s World Cup 2003

U.S. star Aly Wagner holds the new adidas Supernova

Technically speaking, the Fevernova remains unchanged. Externally, however, the official match ball for the FIFA Women’s World Cup has a new design. This time around it comes in white, with blue, red and gold rotor design. 

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2003 Women's World Cup Ball Official World Cup Soccer Ball 2002 - Fevernova

Thank you Jacques Barralon for the above picture.

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