9 Biggest Ever Bets On Soccer

9 Biggest Ever Bets On Soccer

Betting on soccer has always been a popular pastime for sports fans of any generation.

With a mixture of astute soccer knowledge and often a healthy dose of luck, waging money in a calculated way at the right time, has proved incredibly lucrative for a handful of gamblers. 

It’s important to remind our audience before we go on, that it’s important to always bet and play safely responsibly, whether you’re at a bookies, a casino , or even an online casino! 

Europe is one of the most heavily regulated gambling markets, within both casinos and betting, according to experts within the online casino industry CTO, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any options to play slots or put down a bet on your favourite team.

CasinoTopsOnline has made a list of the best casinos in the EU, but if you are more interested in betting and stories revolving around that subject, go ahead and read further down the text, where we now list the biggest ever bets on soccer in Europe: 

9. Steve Sales (£60,000)

Steve Sales

Unemployed Londoner Steve Sales placed a £1.40 bet that relied on Inverness, Dundee and Ross Country to win their second round Scottish League Cup matches by a final score of 7-0. Despite his limited knowledge of the Scottish game, all three teams won seven-nil which netted Sales £60,000!

8. Rory Lewis (£100,000)

Rory Lewis placed a £100 accumulator bet on four non-league teams winning their first round Scottish Cup games and all by four goals or more. Cove Rangers, Huntly, Culter and Wick Academy did just that with Lewis claiming a £100,000 prize!

7. Brian Matthews (£112,500)

Brian Matthews

Wolves supporter Brian Matthews bet a mere £15 on teams that played across a 15-match run and that they would score at least one goal. Despite odds of over 7000/1, Matthews’ risky play paid off with Marten de Ron scoring a goal against Manchester City during injury time to secure him a huge £112,500 prize.

6. Peter Edwards (£125,000)

Peter Edwards

Fifteen years prior to cashing in his bet, Peter Edwards placed an ambitious wager that his own grandson Harry Wilson would one day play for Wales. In 2013, Harry made his international debut and as their youngest ever player, the £50 Edwards bet eventually pocketed him £125,000!

5. Unnamed (£180,000)

In 2016, an unnamed restaurant worker placed a £1 accumulator that relied upon the results of 16 games from around the world to prove accurate. Nail-biting results included Watford beating Nottingham Forest thanks to a late goal and a 94th minute consolation strike from Eibar striker Borja against Malaga. At odds of 180,000-1, his win totalled a whopping £180,000!

4. Unnamed (£223,000)

An unnamed punter was only moments away from a potential £900,000 accumulator win when he strangely cashed out four minutes from the final whistle. However, it proved a masterful move as a late goal from Wycombe’s Myles Weston against Plymouth Argyle would have voided his 21-leg bet entirely – instead he picked up a cool £223,000. 

3. Mick Gibbs (£500,000)

In 2001, tradesman Mick Gibbs placed a bet with odds of 1,666,666 to one. He spent just 30p on a wager based around the outcome of 15 separate sporting events. This included correctly predicting the top five teams in the Premier League, the bottom three clubs in the Scottish League and Bayern Munich winning the Champions League – the bet netting Gibbs £500,000!

2. Anonymous (£650,000)

In 2014, an anonymous London gambler placed a bet on the result of some Saturday afternoon games just 20 minutes before the final whistle blew. Miraculously each and every one of the eight scores he’d predicted proved correct including an unlikely draw between West Ham and Stoke with the Hammers 2-0 down. His staggering wager earned the punter a massive £650,000!

1. Damian Chick (£1,000,000)

Damian Chick

Kitchen tradesman Damian Chick waged just £5 on the outcome of the Euro 2016 final. He not only predicted the scorer of the winning goal but also the exact minute it would be scored. Portugal forward Eder struck in the 109th minute to defeat France and although it earned Chick a huge £1 million payout, he didn’t realise he’d won until three days later!

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