Best Soccer Video Games Of All-time

9 Best Soccer Video Games Of All-time

Since the rise of home computing in the 1980’s, soccer games have found their way into the lives of endless adoring sports fans. They have always been an important part of childhood with soccer obsessed teens and adults across the world eager for the latest titles.

From the early iterations to highly complex designs we see today, the greatest soccer video games remain groundbreaking, game-changing and truly memorable.

But which are the best soccer video games of all-time?

9. Actua Soccer (1996, PS1)

Actua Soccer

Actua Soccer received glowing reviews upon its release with its realistic gameplay and range of rich features. It has a variety of teams and leagues to choose from including national sides or club teams from various countries. Players were able to create their own teams or customise kits whilst taking part in various game modes with commentary by Barry Davies.

8. FIFA 12 (2011, PS3 / XBox 360)


FIFA 12 introduced the franchise’s revolutionary ‘Impact Engine’ which delivered incredible realism via enhanced collisions, player interactions and advanced movements. The game was highly praised for its innovation, dynamic gameplay and eclectic soundtrack. At the time, FIFA 12 was arguably the most advanced simulation of soccer which ultimately led to the game’s popularity worldwide. This title further strengthened the FIFA brand as its domination over the Pro Evolution series continued to grow.

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7. Championship Manager 2001/02 (2001, PC)

Championship Manager 2001/02

This phenomenal PC release was feature rich and a true improvement on versions that had preceded it. Gamers were able to scout players, devise detailed tactics and immerse themselves in dramatic text commentary. Championship Manager 2001/02 was highly addictive, allowing players to experience the inner workings of a soccer team whilst striving to achieve glory through endless hours of intricate gameplay. 

6. FIFA International Soccer (1993, Sega Mega Drive)

FIFA International Soccer

Developed by EA Canada’s Extended Play Productions, FIFA International Soccer was universally loved by critics upon release, praised for its detailed animation, sound effects and overall style. Gameplay was very accessible to younger players and appealing to casual gamers too which only enhanced its popularity. The Sega Mega Drive version of this game was a sensation and soon became the UK’s best-selling home video game of 1993.

5. Virtua Striker (1994, Arcade)

Virtua Striker

Only made available in Arcades, Virtua Striker was amongst the first soccer video games to utilise 3D player models. Its design prioritised action-packed gameplay yet balanced with some of the most realistic digital representations of soccer seen up to that point. Virtua Striker featured eighteen international teams, simplistic controls and yet its revolutionary 3D graphics kept gamers addicted.

4. FIFA 10 (2009, PS3 / XBox 360)


FIFA 10 is widely credited as the version that finally pushed aside any challenge posed by Pro Evolution Soccer and allowed the Franchise to dominate the soccer video game market going forward. The title introduced a superior iteration of 360-degree player control along with a host of game modes including Ultimate Team and Manager Mode. 

3. New Star Soccer (2003, Android / Windows)

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer became a mobile gaming classic following its release across Android and Windows devices in 2003. Its design merged features of Sensible Soccer’s overhead gameplay, Football Manager’s tactical depth along with simple additions such as levelling up players. It was eventually released for iOS in 2012 and even won a BAFTA for Best Sports Fitness Game in 2013.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (2005, PS2)

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Pro Evolution Soccer’s golden years from 2002-2005 saw Konami unleash four titles that showcased elite soccer video game design. Yet their 2005 release is perhaps the series high point with its Master League evolving into a four-division structure, the inclusion of a Champions League style tournament and even official player names. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 possessed incredibly smooth gameplay and above all else was extremely playable. 

1. Sensible World Of Soccer (1994, Amiga)

Sensible World Of Soccer

The sequel to their 1992 hit Sensible Soccer, Amiga released Sensible World Of Soccer just two years later, combining a 2D arcade-oriented game with an addictive management style design. It also featured a total number of 1,500 teams and 27,000 players from around the world. Sensible World Of Soccer’s gameplay is simplistic and yet a range of exciting actions can be performed by the user. In 1996, the title was ranked best of all time by Amiga Power Magazine and inducted into GameSpot’s list of the greatest games of all time.

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