What Is Relegation In Soccer?

Relegation In Soccer

Though the concept of relegation in soccer is second nature to most who follow the game around the world, for our American readers, relegation in soccer is somewhat of an unknown or indeed a misnomer. The reason: Almost all American sports including Major League Soccer (MLS), do not utilize a system which employs a promotion … Read more

Top Champions League Moments Of All Time

Champions League

Champions League. In every league there are golden moments that outshine everything else. There have been times when soccer betting odds have been off the charts, and suddenly one team comes around for a win that absolutely nobody expected.  Sometimes in soccer, there can be one player who makes all the difference, and astoundingly we … Read more

What is a Wingback in soccer?

Wingback In Soccer

The wingback role in soccer may appear to some to be a relatively new position in the game. However, this is not enitrely correct for a bit like the sweeper role it is one that was invented and developed by the better players in soccer from its very existence in order to gain an early … Read more

What is a soccer sweeper?

Sweeper soccer

The sweeper soccer position is one that has existed since the games very existence. Though the sweeper soccer position is not attributed with having been invented by one individual player in particular, some of the finest names in the game have been classed as absolute masters of the game in this position. One soccer player … Read more

Fastest Soccer players

fastest soccer players

Who is the fastest soccer player in the world is a question which is asked and debated from playgrounds to soccer fields and bars the world over. To an extent the question is a bit subjective as for instance one player may have an overall average high speed per match whereby another player may maintain … Read more

Best Soccer Formations

best soccer formation

In order to best appreciate the following article, I would firstly recommend reading my previous article https://soccerballworld.com/soccer-formations-and-tactics/ for it will ensure you have a solid understanding of what soccer formations are most commonly used and the reasons why. This will then allow you to understand that the best soccer formation is not set in stone; … Read more

Change of Venues for New York City Football Club

New York City football club

With the rising popularity of Football in the United States of America and its adjoining areas, leagues and local teams are motivated to play league matches in front of their home crowd. Over the years, Football has been a thrilling entertainer for millions of individuals around the globe, and not just in the US. Be … Read more

5 Highest Paid MLS Players

Highest Paid MLS Players

There are a lot of talented players in Major League Football. These are players that have really made a splash in the world of soccer, players that are well deserving of lucrative titles and high salaries. Before you head over to see Fanduel’s live soccer odds, we thought we would first discuss some of the … Read more