Top 10 Oldest Soccer Players Of All-time

Top 10 Oldest Soccer Players Of All-time

Often the age of a soccer player has a significant impact on performance with the majority of professionals retiring in their mid-thirties. However, there are a small number of professional soccer players who continue playing at a high level well into their forties and beyond.  These select professionals are some of the oldest soccer players … Read more

Pittsburg vs Maryland Odds and Picks


Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC hits the road today, April 25, facing off against the Maryland Bobcats FC of Montgomery County (which borders Washington, D.C.) as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup continues. The tournament, which runs periodically from the middle of March to the end of September every year, gives teams from all five tiers of … Read more

Most Assists In Soccer History [Updated 2023]

Most Assists In Soccer History

One of the most crucial elements in soccer that helps a team score goals is the assist. One of them is credited to a player who passes the ball to the goalscorer whilst creating a significant opportunity for a goal to be scored.  Assists are recorded and tracked by various soccer organisations worldwide including FIFA, … Read more

Evaluate a Team’s Chances to Win

Estadio Monumental

You can evaluate a team’s ability to win at football betting, and one of the most effective methods is TPP Kick Form (or Team Performance). It allows you to determine which factors are most important in winning matches, and it’s like baseball sabermetrics—but with some important differences. What factors should you consider before you forecast … Read more

Odds slashed on Harry Kane joining Manchester United in massive summer transfer swoop

Following weeks of speculation linking recent record-setting Tottenham Hotspur forward, Harry Kane with a move from the London side, odds have continued to tumble on the English national team captain making a summer move to Manchester United. Kane, who netted a record-setting 267th goal for Spurs in a February clash with Premier League holders, Manchester … Read more

5 Worst Tackles in The Premier League History

Keane Haaland

Football players use tackling to retake control of the ball and stop their opponents from scoring, making it an essential component of the game. Whilst it has the potential to result in significant harm, tackling may also be one of the most perilous components of the game. The Premier League has produced some of the … Read more

Largest Soccer Stadiums In The Southern Hemisphere

Largest Soccer Stadiums In The Southern Hemisphere

Soccer stadiums are often more than mere sporting venues, many becoming iconic structures in various cities and countries around the world, whilst representing fan admiration and love for the game.  Within the Southern Hemisphere in particular, there are a number of huge and incredibly impressive soccer stadiums that have hosted club matches, national team games … Read more

Most Unforgettable Premier League Games in History

Premier League Games

As probably the best, and definitely the most valuable, football league in the world, the Premier League has seen some amazing games over the years. It hosts some of the most talented and exciting players in the world, a guarantee for some great football. But some games stand out more than others, and here we’ve … Read more

7 Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Making the right choice when purchasing soccer goalkeeper gloves is crucial. They are a viral piece of equipment for protecting the player’s hands, providing them with better grip on the ball, essential for making saves more effectively.  The material you choose is also important. Goalkeeper gloves are typically made of synthetic materials such as latex, … Read more