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Most Assists by Defenders in the English Premier League

Football has evolved over the years, and there is a huge difference between modern and the conventional football. In the past, defenders were instructed to stay around their boxes and prevent the opponents from scoring. That was their only duty, but in the last few decades, defenders, especially side-backs, are expected to participate in the goal build-up. Some pioneer managers who introduced this concept include Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. They are regarded as among the best coaches in Europe and the world.

Today, European clubs are always scouting for quick and agile fullbacks who can easily overlap and bring crosses into the opposition box. A good central defender is no longer judged only by his ability to tackle the opponent but his skill to locate attackers and deliver a through pass.

Since defenders have additional roles in the attack, the betting markets have also shifted to accommodate them. For instance, more defenders are now providing assists, while some have been positioned to score. You will find player-to-score markets featuring top fullbacks with goal-scoring records. The best betting sites Canada will identify defenders in every match and allocate attractive odds for you to bet on them. Remember, these betting platforms also have more features, including bonuses and promotions, that will improve your betting experience.

Player Statistics

There are incredible stats for defenders in the English Premier League. These players are the perfect representation of modern-day football and have played a significant role in the success of their teams. Below is a list of fullbacks who are a benchmark of attack-minded football:

1. Andrew Robertson- 54 assists

When Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool, he wanted to build a new project. He brought in Andy Robertson from Hull City in 2017, and the Scot has proved worth the bill. He has established himself as the best fullback in the Premier League, breaking the long-standing record of Leighton Baines of 53 assists. Robertson is currently at the top with 54 assists. He has a unique ability to run up and down the left flank while performing his defensive duties diligently. 

2. Leighton Baines- 53 assists

Baines had an illustrious career with Wigan Athletic and Everton. He was particularly outstanding in set pieces. Even in retirement, his record of assists stood for long until recently, when Robertson broke it. Baines was also a talented passer of the ball, and his Everton manager often played him in the midfield. It is always good to have an accomplished member in a team, and Baines was such a player who could exceptionally take penalties.

3. Trent Alexander-Arnold- 46 assists

Liverpool FC must be a lucky team because its two side-backs rank among the top defenders with the highest number of assists. Trent comes in as the third most prolific defender in the Premier League, and he is projected to battle Robertson and topple him in the future. Pundits have argued that Trent is the most lethal attacking fullback in the world. During the 2019/20 season, he provided 13 assists, making him a defender with the highest number of assists in one season.

4. Graeme Le Saux- 44 assists

The football world holds Graeme in high regard, following his contribution to Blackburn Rovers in the 1994/95 season when the team won the Premier League title. Apart from scoring three goals, he had five assists to his name. After a successful stint at Blackburn, he signed for Chelsea, continuing his exploits. Out of a total of 327 appearances, he boasts 44 assists.

5. Ian Harte- 36 assists

The current generation of fans at Elland Road may never see a defensive workhorse that Ian Harte was. He remains the all-time favorite, perhaps for his attacking skills. He was a left-back, but he had more goals than some attacking players. He played for Reading and Sunderland in the English Premier League and accumulated 36 assists in 237 appearances.

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