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Top 5 FIFA World Cup Moments Of All Time

While in the U.S. we love Football, the rest of the world may not share our love so much. However, what the world does love is Soccer, in fact it is considered to be the number 1 sport in the world. 

It has fans in every corner of the globe and is one of the most popular spectator sports out there. We love Soccer and there have been some truly astounding moments throughout the years. 

The FIFA World Cup is without a doubt the absolute pinnacle of the sport, it brings in thousands, hundreds of thousands of spectators and fans worldwide. 

The FIFA World Cup is massive, and it has brought some real golden moments for many fans across the years. It has been going for decades, longer than most of us alive today would even know. 

There have been moments that make us laugh, cry, scream, shout, and cheer in unbridled joy for our team’s successes. 

Whether you are a sports bettor who loves the soccer betting odds, or just a fan of the sport, you will love our told 5 FIFA World Cup moments of all time.

Best All Time Moments In Soccer World Cup History

We are going to take you on a little journey through history, to celebrate the best all time moments in the history of the FIFA World Cup. There is much that can be said about these moments, and so many to choose from. 

We cannot choose a favorite of these moments. So, instead we will leave you with our list of our top 5 moments. We think you’ll agree, these are unforgettable. 

#1. 1986 The Goal Of The Century

The number 1 moment happened in the 1986 quarterfinal, Maradona had quite the day on this occasion. Moments after he managed to score the ‘Hand Of God’ goal that is still famous to this day, he then scored the ‘Goal Of The Century’. 

How much luck does this guy have! 

He had managed to execute a 60-yard scamper through baffled England players all the way to beat the keeper Shilton, giving Argentina a 2-point lead in what would end up being a 2-1 quarterfinal victory. 

Argentina won their second World Cup on this occasion with much to thank in Maradona’s incredible play! 

#2. 1958 The Age Of Pele

This game was the final of1958, and it served as something of a ‘coming out event’ for the greatest player ever, who we all know as Pele. When he was only 17 he scored a solid 2 goals as Brazil won over Sweden, solidifying a 5-2. 

Overall he scored 6 goals in just 4 games, which included a sly hat trick against the French. 

He pushed Brazil into the international soccer world that it now enjoys in modern day. 

As an all round contender, with Pele at the helm they won 3 or 4 World Cups 58-70, which is quite impressive! 

#3. 1970 Alberto’s Goal

Again with Brazil. In 1970 at the finals. Brazil was punctuating their 4-1 win against Italy in the World Cup. They scored a goal for the ages in this game. 

Overall, 6 players touch the ball, meandering it around baffled and confused Italians like a coursing stream with such ease. Pele collected the ball and passed it to Carlos Alberto. 

Alberto then went on to score the famous goal of 1970 in epic fashion. 

The1970 Brazil team is still noted as being the greatest team of all time to grace the soccer field, and it is really hard to argue with that considering this feat! 

#4. 2010 The Winner By Donovan

Now for something a little more recent, and something that perhaps even millennial and Gen-Z soccer fans will remember. This was the Group stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 

The U.S. has drawn in their first two groups on group games, they needed a hard win against Algeria to reach knockout. It wasn’t looking to be the most promising situation though. 

USMNT waited until the final moments to perform what can only be called the most absolutely dramatic goal in history. As you should expect in true American fashion. 

In the stoppage Donovan’s goal lifted the team to a 1-0 overall win, which actually then ended up resulting in a truly viral video, and one of the greatest YouTube clips of all time. 

This is also the first occasion since the World Cup in ‘30 that the U.S. actually won its group. 

About time! 

Although we can surely say that the U.S. team of 2010, did as true American fashion would dictate, and they took the style of U.S. football teams holding out ‘til the last minute to score a winning point. We can’t hate that, it just makes it all the better! 

#5. 1954 Bern Miracle

Finally, let’s go back in time again to 1954 at the Finals of the FIFA World Cup. 

Hungary’s team was a golden team, and they were a hardcore favorite among many, bookmakers had them at the top of the charts! 

However, Germany unexpectedly pulled the cat out of the bag in a shocking Final upset! 

It is still considered to be one of the greatest matches in World Cup history, hell, soccer history! 

What happened? Well, Germany rallied, they were at an early 2-goal deficit against Hungary. They somehow managed to pull an incredible win out of nowhere. 

As you can imagine and is characterized in many sporting events, the ‘Miracle of Bern’ was actually adapted into film. This film is known as ‘Das Wunder Von Bern’. 

The game of 1954 is considered to be seminal as a moment in the rise of German football. 

What do you think? Are our top 5 the true best moments in FIFA World Cup history? Did we miss any out? What are your top 5? 

The most amazing thing about these moments we have listed is that all these wins were totally unexpected, making the game even more exciting! 

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