The Odds of France vs. Argentina World Cup Final

Qatar World Cup

Whether you prefer playing casino games or placing sports wagers, the last few weeks have been all about the World Cup in Qatar. And, it’s finally here – the World Cup final will take place on December 18th. Argentina and France, both of which have won the competition multiple times, will face off in the … Read more

Reasons to be optimistic for England

World Cup

With England now out of the 2022 World Cup and current head coach Gareth Southgate apparently considering his position, now is a good time to look at some reasons why the England job is currently such a coveted position in world soccer. The England job has for so long been regarded as something of a poisoned chalice. … Read more

World Cup 2022: Recapping four of the biggest shocks

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The World Cup may be fast hurtling towards the knockout stages, but there has still been a lot for fans to sink their teeth into. Although there has been a spate of goalless draws, there has also been some standout performances. France and Brazil have got into the groove early on, and they have justified … Read more

The Most Famous Soccer Quotes of All Time

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For those who are directly involved in the sport itself, whether they be players, head coaches, and even famous commentators, finding the right words to say can often be just as equally challenging. But sometimes, they can come up with priceless gems that stand the test of time, summing up soccer with a simple but … Read more

5 Best Players to watch out for at the 2022 World Cup

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The FIFA World Cup has started. The event of the year, where we get to see the top players from every nation strive to be the best, has finally begun. We have a good mix of players who may have their last international appearance and emerging new potential in 2022. As with every edition or … Read more

Why is Soccer Becoming So Popular in America?

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The sport of soccer, also known as football around the world, has never achieved mainstream relevance in the United States. While there are millions of people who enjoy playing and watching soccer in the USA, sports such as baseball, American football, and basketball have reigned supreme. Whether because people are checking soccer odds from sports … Read more

World Cup 2022 who are the most favorite countries?

Qatar World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is being held in Qatar this year and is expected to have the highest viewership in the history of the competition. A total of 64 games are being played to determine which country has the best football team in the entire world. There is expected to be a lot of emotion, … Read more

Best 5 Teams After the First World Cup Matches in Qatar

Why is soccer popular?

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup has been a big celebratory experience for soccer. The experience has been thrilling for fans who traveled to Qatar and those watching from their television sets. Results from the first round of the group-stage matches at the World Cup suggest that this tournament will be filled with loads of … Read more

Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup?

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This year’s tournament is just around the corner and the anticipation is building for many. As always, there are a host of excellent teams competing for the crown, but it will be heartbreak for many. With so many storylines that could potentially unfold, it’s shaping up to be an exciting one.  Every team comes to … Read more